Dry Run

What do you do when you open seven stores of a franchise? You open an eighth one. At least, that’s what the guys of Project Pie PH are aiming for. The awesome guys of Project Pie PH has always had their eyes on Makati. An opportunity to open up two stores in the ever bustling […]

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As I sat in the corner of Project Pie BlueBay Walk earlier, I pondered about dinner. JJ and I dropped by to see Raine, the scheduling Manager of the said branch. Trivial as it was, I couldn’t just shrug it off. Enveloped by the chilly air of the dining area, I fired up Chrome and […]

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When was the last time you did something for the first time? James Markham, the founder of Project Pie, dropped by here in the Philippines a couple of hours ago. The fellow is probably sleeping as we speak. Spending almost a day in a plane is tremendously tiring. Trust me, I’ve been there. False pretenses […]

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First Day High

I shall return. – Gen. Douglas McArthur For almost two months, I ventured outside my comfort zone and explored the outside world that is (Project Pie) Park Square. Only a few more days and I would have been able to celebrate the second monthsary of the Park Square branch together with the other partners. Unfortunately, […]

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Mad Mark’s

I remember the good ol’ days when Mondays were my rest days. I get some quality me time; getting pampered in a spa, eating hefty portions of food, watching movies. Gone are the days of pure pleasure. Until today, that is. Weeks of lackluster food adventures have passed by, or should I say, lack thereof. […]

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Chocolate Chip

The bells are ringing, the lights are blinking, the songs are playing, the people start decorating. The not-so-sublte hints that Christmas is just around the corner. And it is fast approaching! Eight months have already been ripped off the calendar. Unfortunately, pasting all those calendar pages back won’t turn back time. Not that there’s any […]

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