Five Below

There’s this really cool store where everything’s less than five dollars. It’s called Five Below. It’s also where Ate Lean works.

I, along with Leira, Lola, Ate Lean, and her friend Joanna (I dunno the spelling, so I’ll stick to that) went there today at around four in the afternoon. I was wearing my Brown Domo-kun t-shirt I got from Target and my striped short pants I got from my Mom. I brought a few things with me too. One would be my camera. I just never know when I could capture those great moments, so I should prepare myself. Second would be my phone. I bring it with me all the time. Mostly, for music purposes. Oh and I also brought my white Ray Ban sunglasses. Sunlight was still strong.

We rode on Ate Joanna‘s car. She was driving. Ate Lean sat on the front seat. Lola, Leira, and I (in that order) sat on the back. When Ate Joanna inserted the keys in the car, it roared to life. She and Ate Lean buckled their seatbelts after that.

There were a lot of Five Below stores. We went to the one at Landstown Commons. We arrived approximately 15 minutes after leaving the house. Ate Joanna found a convenient parking space, which was near Five Below, and parked it right there. I waited till everyone was ahead of me before I started walking. I didn’t want to go first. But I still ended up being the second one entering the store. I held the door open for the others before going in.

After closing the door, I turned around. I was fascinated at how big the store was. It was bigger than what I expected. The items were very organized and the premise gave me the impression of cleanliness. That was a great first impression the store gave me.

The first thing I saw were water guns. Leira and I each grabbed one. We pointed it at each other and pretended to squirt water. We were laughing hard. After that, we put the water guns back and tried roaming around.

There were a lot of chocolates and candy bars. Four aisles worth of chocolates. I, being a certified chocoholic, couldn’t resist the temptation. Everytime I see chocolate, I feel like a spell is casted on me and makes me wanna eat them. Today though, surprisingly, I didn’t buy some. I was actually able to resist the urge to eat ’em. Yay me!

I came across a lot of DVDs. Most of which, I wasn’t familiar with. But I did unearth a Megaman NT Warrior DVD Vol. 2. Seeing the coverart for the said DVD, I felt nostalgic. I used to play Megaman all the time in my PS2. I’ve defeated the game boss for, like, a million times. And it never gets old. *sigh*

Techie stuff was what drew my attention. There were starter kits for cameras – a camera holder, a botlle of cleaning liquid, a cloth for the lens, and a mini tripod. The camera holder had a very simple design so I didn’t like it. The ones beside it, though, had a cool gray skull print and black all over. That, I like.

I found myself staring at the next aisle. Mostly, at the headset section. It made me think of buying one. My headset is still with y friend/classmate. I forgot to ask it from her before we got parted. But I do have my other friend’s headset. It has a built-in speaker so I could use it for conversations on my phone or laptop. I, too, forgot to give it back to my friend. When I realized it was still with me, he was already on his way to Detroit. I’m currently at Virginia Beach and it’s a looong way there. I will still get to see him next next week. I’ll give it to him then. I also have another headset (but doesn’t have a built-in speaker) from another friend of mine (who’s now at North Carolina). This time, I actually didn’t give it back on purpose just in case I had to give back the other headset with the speaker. My two friends don’t mind anyways. I could have bought one, but i chose not to.

Action figures. Surfboards. Skateboards. Books. Even the Mountain Dew tee I’ve always wanted, they have it all. Too bad the only sizes left were Large and Extra large. Heck, even the Small-sized ones are already big for me. I couldn’t just wear L‘s or XL‘s even if I like them. On the plus side, bigger-sized shirts would make me look fatter/bigger which is something I would definitely love. Most people I know would resort to drastic measures just to lose weight. I, on the other hand, would want to gain weight and avoid drastic measures, if possible.

Ate Lean noticed me looking at the camera holder with the skull and guessed that I would actually like to have one. She didn’t want me leaving the store without buying anything. She has a discount, by the way. I was way too hesitant ’cause I don’t want people spending money for me. But she already grabbed one while I was thinking of what to actually get. I remembered that camera starter kit. I was balancing the kit with the holder. Which should I get.

The Camera Starter Kit: Contains one Camera Holder with a very simple design that I hated, one Liquid Cleaner for Lens, One MicroFiber cloth for cleaning, and a mini Tripod.

The Camera Holder w/ a Gray Skull Print: One word – awesome. Simply awesome. The print was so detailed. And the print matched the black background color.

I went for the Kit. It was more beneficial compared to the Holder. And I already have a camera holder anyways. The upgrade was gonna be cool but the Kit proved to be more useful.

After checking out and paying, we drove all the way home with smiles on our face. Everybody got something. And maybe I was just imagining it, but everybody was smiling as warm as the sunlight shining down on us. It was a nice way to wrap things up. 😀


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