I looked at the blue round clock we have in the room. 1:12pm. Time flies by so fast.

I just got out of the shower. I feel so fresh! 😀 Ate Lean, Leira, and I are goin’ to Walmart in a couple of minutes. Leira’s gonna get her new eyeglasses. She’s so excited that she could barely hide it. I know I would be excited if I know I’m getting something new.

We went to Walmart last week and had her eyes examined. The doctor said that her eyes got worse. They had to give her a new prescription of glasses. One with a higher grade or whatever they call it. They checked her eyes with a little machine that kinda looked like a binocular with a book-like body and had little buttons and stuff. While they did that, I checked all the different kinds of glasses they had. There were a lot, ranging from sunglasses, reading glasses, corrective glasses, fashion glasses, and heaps more. I was fascinated. It was a world I never even cared about, until then. I mean, my eyes work normally so I never had to get eyeglasses. I have sunglasses, though, which I hardly take care of. Seeing that place, I realized that glasses were also part of this world. That one has to actually take care of one’s glasses just as they would with their video game consoles, shoes, and stuff like that. It was kind of a wake-up call. I shouldn’t just take stuff like that for granted. I’m glad I realized that. We should always learn something new everyday. 😀

So now, I’m all set, and ready to go to Walmart with them. I’m hoping I could find and buy a spare battery for my camera. I hate running low on batteries. Got my fingers crossed! 😀

Edit: I got my batteries. Yay! 😀 And I also got me some snacks from Dairy Queen I nibbled on on the way home – a large Blizzard of the Month (Triple Chocoholic Blizzard), a BBQ Sandwich, and a Chocolate Milkshake. Yum yum yum! XD


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