The Big Apple – New York

I’m currently staying at my Aunt’s house here in Virginia Beach. I took part in our school’s Cultural and Travel Exchange Program for the U.S.  We were  given contracts to work at Busch Gardens for three months, at the very least. I started at March 15 and ended at June 25. The remaining days I have is for my Travel. I only have less than a month to do that. And, it’s optional. I chose to do it anyways. 😀

My Aunt decided that I should experience a couple of places in the U.S. before I get back. I mean, this opportunity doesn’t come very often. I agreed with her. That’s why she took me and his son, Adriel to go shopping sightseeing at New York. We left at around eleven in the evening on Friday, July 9, and arrived at around seven in the morning, the next day.

New York – The City that Never Sleeps.

Finally, I was able to step foot in New York. But it didn’t end there. In fact, it was just beginning. New York, here we come!

My tummy was grumbling and demanded food so early in the morning. My Aunt – Aunt Leah – probably felt the same way. The first thing we did was find a place to eat breakfast. En route, we met up with Floyd, one of Aunt Leah’s friends whose dream is to become an actor someday. He’s already done so much in the industry, like being an extra in some of the Hollywood films I get to see in the theaters.  But let’s not dwell on that. Let’s try to fill our tummies first.

We came across this little joint that served breakfast and lunch. It was named “Cup…” and something. I kinda forgot. The smell of food kinda threw me off guard. Space was very limited inside. But the chairs were comfortable to sit on. And they were the kind that revolves around so I had a little fun spinning my chair while the others were settling down.

Their menu sat on those little napkin holders. Each of us took one. The menu threw me off guard. For a small joint, they serve a lot of varieties of food. I didn’t even know where to start.  After a few minutes of browsing, I was able to decide on what to order – a Bacon Cheeseburger and Tropicana. Mmm. Bacon. ❤

The service was fast. I got my order in just a couple of minutes. It was served on a white oval plate, the top bun on the side – probably to let the customer get a glimpse of the juicy bacon before they finish it all up – and a side of freshly-cut pickle. It was presented nicely and neatly. The Tropicana came afterwards, accompanied with a glass of ice and a straw. Adriel sat beside me, on my left. Aunt Leah was on my right. Floyd sat on the far right. He kept talking about something. He never runs out of things to say. Adriel got Bacon and Eggs with a side of Fries. I didn’t take a look at what Aunt Leah and Floyd got ’cause I was already stuffing my face with my order. Halfway through my burger, I felt full already. But I was still able to finish it. The Tropicana was a nice drink to pair it with.  We left after paying.

Our first destination was the World Trade Center. We didn’t know how to get there so naturally, we had to ask for some directions.

But we were eventually able to arrive at The World Trade Center and it’s construction thanks to Floyd’s enthusiasm and the tendency to speak every second. 🙂

After a few information gathered from Floyd, we took the subway on to 50th Street to buy tickets for our sightseeing tour. I kinda imagined that the subway would be really jam-packed with people but I was surprised to see that there were only a few passengers on board. I guess we were kinda lucky. Or I let my imagination run loose again. Whichever works.

We hopped off at 50th Street and started walking around. We came across a store called Food Emporium. The architectural design was gorgeous and simple. I’m not an architect or anything affiliated with it, but I was able to appreciate the design. We went inside to buy a few things like Vitamin Water and a few snacks to nibble on along the way.

Aunt Leah got me and Adriel some tickets for a Harbor Cruise which lasted 90 minutes. I got to see a lot of infrastructures and learned quite a lot about them from our Tour Guide. He was exceptional. His knowledge was amazing. His way of entertaining was simply spectacular and natural.  He made the Cruise worth seeing. He highlighted a few places like The Statue of Liberty – which he kept referring to as his old friend, Ellis Island, Manhattan Bridge, and lots more.  I loved the Statue of Liberty. Too bad I didn’t have a clear picture of it and me. I wanted to ask Adriel to take one but he was sleeping that time and I didn’t really wanna disturb him. Even without that pic, the Cruise was still one of the best.  Here’s a picture of me and The Statue of Liberty. It’s the closest pic I got. 😀

I got lots of  it without me though. Here’s one of the pics I got. 😀

Our next destination was the hotel that my Aunt got reservations from. Forgot the name of the street and the Hotel. I don’t really pay much attention to details like that. En route, we came across The HBO Shop,




Hard Rock Cafe,





HaruJapanese restaurant/sushi bar,



and Foxwoods Theatre.



The Hotel was neat and kinda cute. I didn’t take pictures ’cause the moment we settled in, I immediately took the battery of my camera and charged it. I was running low on batteries. And I didn’t have a spare. There were two twin beds.  One was near the window and the television, and one was near the toilet. Aunt Leah and Adriel occupied the one near the window. Floyd and I were left with the bed which was conveniently near the toilet. All of us laid down and rested for a bit. Aunt Leah and Floyd were very much tired from walking. They had a long talk about their feet and and their age before they decided to rest. Walking was an activity they’d wanna avoid as much as possible. But since we were at New York, it couldn’t be helped.

Surprisingly, I actually fell asleep. I wasn’t tired at all. But the nap was good. We left at around 4pm after everyone got ready. I unplugged the battery charger and inserted it back on my camera before leaving. Full batteries. I was all set to take more photographs. Our next destination: The Rockefeller Center – also known as The Top of the Rock.

We came across this beautiful fountain. The lights made it attractive. There were a lot of people taking pictures so we decided to take one too.


Getting to our destinations are always fun. We had to explore and interact with others to properly reach ’em.  Even people in costumes. 😀



We arrived at our next destination in about a couple of minutes. It was like a four minute walk from the fountain.



The entrance was at a different street, all the way on the other side.

We had to buy tickets first before we could go on the top. One advice I heard was, “On the way up, make sure to look up. You might freak out when you see how high up you are.” Great advice, considering the fact that I’m afraid of heights.

I must have misinterpreted the advice ’cause the elevator going up wasn’t what I thought it was – see-through  – instead, it was just like a  regular elevator, with the exception of a video playing on top. The advice was probably, On the top, make sure to look up. You might freak out when you see how high up you are.” If that was the advice, then it was true. One look down, and I felt so weak. But it was hard not to look down ’cause you won’t be able to grasp the wonderful feeling of looking at the bright night life of New York. It was breath-taking. I was awestruck at it’s magnificence. Never in my life have I seen such a spectacular sight. Everything just felt right. Even my weakness slowly faded away. It was definitely worth it to go there.










But it didn’t end there. When we were done, and exited the building. We headed over to M&M’s Store and Hershey’s Store. I’m a certified chocoholic so being able to visit those stores felt like paradise. ❤ The M&M’s Store was booming with people. Every part of the store, people tried to get their hands on candies, clothing, toys, and everything M&M-related. There was a big Blue Elvis-like M&M that you see first-thing when you enter. The store had three stories. Everywhere I looked, there were either people, or M&Ms. There was a photo booth with edited M&M stuff on the second floor. I wanted a picture but it would’ve taken me a long time with all the people lining up.  And there were cool merchandise on the third floor. There were awesome toys and a one-of-a-kind brown M&M Jacket. It was so much fun. Before heading back down, I saw this green Statue of Liberty M&M. I bumped into Adriel on the way down without even realizing it. He told me that Aunt Leah was already in the Hershey’s Store.  When it comes to shopping, even Aunt’s aching feet won’t stop her from going all out.




The Hershey’s Store wasn’t as jam-packed with people as the M&M’s Store was. But there were still a lot that you had to move sideways like a crab when going forward. Everywhere I looked, there were chocolates. It was paradise. Aunt Leah was paying at the counter by the time we got there. She’s really fast. What got my attention, though, was the Reese’s part of the store. It was a bit small, but it was what I loved the most. Orange and brown were my colors of the night. The store’s colors were alluring. It’s like being cast on a spell again. I asked Adriel to take some pictures for me. I really couldn’t miss out on that. Never.



We ventured out, afterwards, to feel the night life of New York. The streets were even booming with more people at night. We were by Times Square, and man, was it lively. There were videos playing on top of the buildings. Lights scattered everywhere. . Engines roared on every direction. Horns honked. Streetlights kept them in place. Footsteps here and there. People went in and out of shops, with shopping bags by their sides. Smiles worn by almost all people. It was so magical. But it also signaled the end of our day. They were beat from walking all day. I wasn’t. The experience was like caffeine, it kept me awake and smiling – the whole day. 😀


Best Trip Ever! XD


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