Skype-ing with Kevin Porcary

I just talked with one of my former co-workers at Busch Gardens – Kevin Porcary.

I called him via Skype a while ago. Our conversation lasted nearly an hour. It was fifty something minutes. Our talks usually last that long. He never runs out of things to say, especially about himself. 🙂

I called him ’cause he wanted to say something to me. No shock there. I waited for, like, a minute before he finally answered. It turned out, he was watching a movie with a few of his friends. They were watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1. He planned this movie thing with his friends in preparation for Part 2 of the said movie. He planned on watching the it with another one of my former co-workers, Lea. Although they haven’t properly planned the details for when they’ll meet, I’m sure it’ll still turn out great.

Kevin used his iPhone to answer my call, by the way. He was too lazy to get his laptop. I know I would be if I was comfortably sitting in a nice comfy couch with popcorn, watching a movie in a huge flat screen T.V. – which was exactly what he was doin’. Lazy pants.

He wore a plain white shirt and white jersey shorts with a  red lining on the  right side. I, on the other hand, am wearing a black O’Neill shirt and black shorts with gray and white linings on the sides. Cool. Black and white. Although it makes me sound like I’m the little devil and he was the liitle pure angel – which, by the way, is completely the opposite. Just kidding. But we really were wearing black and white.  Wonder if that was supposed to mean something… Oh well.

The video from his iPhone were mostly blurry ’cause he kept swinging his it back and forth. He couldn’t stay still. ADHD? Nah. He toured me a little of his house. He showed me his friends, which were petrified, their eyes glued to the screen. Zombies! Then, he showed me their cars.

Kevin said, “I’m gonna ride that car with my girl when the time comes.

I was, like, “Cool. That girl would be so happy, man.

I dunno what the names of the two cars were. I’m not really familiar with car names. But the one he showed me first, the one he’s gonna drive with his girl, was black. The other one was green. Dunno what shade of green so we’re sticking to green.

The next thing we discussed was the details of his trip to our hometown. He planned to go to our place a long time ago. He calculated the expenses, the number of days he was gonna stay, where he was gonna stay, and the people he wanted to meet again. He befriended all of my friends when we were still working at Busch Gardens. All twelve of them. Some, he got to be close with, and some, he just knew the name and the face. A casual “hi” here and then. But still, he befriended them, which was a good thing. One can never have too many friends. 

He had a few choices for accommodations – stay in a hotel, stay in our place, or sleep in the streets. I’d say, the best would be the third one. LOL! XD

We wrapped up the call a few minutes after thinking about the accommodations. I gave him time to think and I also wanted him to get back on his movie. I’m sure he’ll come up with a solid decision. I’ll wait until then.


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