The Day I Dye

Okay, we all know that boredom kills. No one likes boredom. Especially me. That’s the reason why I tried doing something to kill boredom – dye my hair white.


I bought two cans of Beyond the Zone Color BombZ , one was Straight-laced White, and one was Ruthless Red. They’re the washable kinds. One drop of water and it’ll wash out completely.  I bought it at a place with a letter “S” something for it’s store name. I forgot the entire name, though. I always forget stuff like that. Ate Lean and Leira was with me by that time.

Today, i decided to use the Straight-laced White dye. The idea just suddenly popped into my mind. I get crazy ideas once in a while. It was about time I had one this week.

I took the spray bottle downstairs, at the living room, along with my camera and sunglasses. I started by asking for a mirror from Leira so I could properly apply it. Leira suggested to have a paper towel. I agreed. Photographs of my hair before it was dyed were taken. I had to document everything.


I started doing the left-side and worked my way to the right. I put my initials – R.D. – on the middle side. Then I started to cover up the initials, a few sprays at a time. I did the right side first before the bangs. I was getting too excited and had way too much fun applying it. I was, like, high. The pressure from the spray bottle felt good. It was cold and a bit moist.

I kept moving around the house. I couldn’t stay still. I was hyper. Not moving was really hard. Staying put in one place would’ve driven me crazy… Nah. I’m just exaggerating. Probably close, though.

I kept checking on the mirror to monitor my progress. Time went by so fast. And so did the contents of the spray bottle. I didn’t realize that I’ve completely emptied it until I felt drops of water on my hair. I checked the bottle’s contents by spraying on my hand. Only air and a little bit of liquid came out. Transparent liquid, by the way. Confirmed! The bottle was officially out. Too bad. I wasn’t able to completely finish the right side of my hair. I guess the amount was only enough for people with shorter hair. My hair is waaaay too long now compared to how I usually wear it. Haircut! I need a haircut! But not now. I wanna grow it as much as I can before I go back to school. ‘Cause by then, I will eventually need to have it cut – school policy.

Here ends my hairy tale. Get it? H-a-i-r-y tale? Okay, I know it’s not funny. But at least I tried. 🙂


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