A taste of Japan – Sakura

Leira has always been talking about this Japanese restaurant called Sakura. She would always ask her mother or sister if they could take her and me to eat there sometime. Well, the day has come. This day, to be exact.

She was able to convince her sister today. The reason why she was so happy. We left at around noon. Just the three of us.

Leira had an orange top and pink pajama-like pants. I dunno what they were called. Girls’ clothing are always so complicated. Ate Lean wore a floral purple backless top and white shorts. I wore my yellow BnyBoy shirt and black short pants. Everyone was dressed up quite nicely.

The time it took to get there was, more or less, ten minutes. It was nearby. We got a nice parking space which was in front of the restaurant itself. Sunlight greeted us the moment we stepped foot outside. It was so bright. I had to wear my sunglasses to protect my eyes. And it was sooo hot outside. About 100 degrees Fahrenheit was the temperature. I couldn’t wait to go inside and get cooled.

Sakura ( さくら ) means cherry blossoms in Japan. It was a nice name for a restaurant. And it’s an all-you-can-eat type. Woohoo!

The interior design was superb. A wall of rocks with water flowing down is the first thing one would see after going in. Orange lanterns filled the ceilings with Japanese characters written on them. Bamboo sprouts used for decorations. One of those cat figures that wave their paws back and forth. Two engraved dragons on the walls, facing each other. A Buddha statue on a fountain decorated with little rocks. Comfortable chairs. Nicely done tables. The ambiance was subtle. They certainly made an impact on me. First impression: highly pleasing.

The waiters were so passionate. They wore smiles as part of their uniforms. Their uniforms looked good. All black. I like black. They would also ask the guests from time to time – orders, refills, and if everything was okay. They were trained so nicely. I liked them.

I ordered quite a lot. The food was Japanese so I had no clue what I ordered. I just picked the ones that had cool names. I remember one thing I got, Yakitori. It sounded cool so I got it. It was skewered chicken. And it was good. I ordered a lot of stuff like sushi and salad. I was the last one to finish. By the time I was starting my last dish, Leira and Ate Lean were already done. I took the longest ’cause I ate the most. Boy, was I full. I love buffets.

This is not a review. I just wanted to share stuff that happened to me on this very day.

Thanks to Ate Lean and Leira for taking me there. 🙂


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