I bowl for the FIRST time

Last night, Leira, Adriel, Ate Lean, and I went bowling at Little Creek. I’m just blogging about this now ’cause I was too lazy to do it last night. I wasn’t tired or anything, just lazy.

I wore a plain white shirt and black short pants. Not to mention my newly dyed white hair. I was going to wash it off, but Leira told me to hang on it just for the night. She told me it’d look cool in the bowling alley. I nodded in agreement.

When I was about to wear my white pair of shoes, they asked me if I was wearing socks. I wasn’t. They were already ready by the time I was wearing my short pants so I didn’t have time to wear socks. Keeping them waiting was not an option. I was caught off guard. I flinched. It was so sudden. I thought of a million reasons why they asked me that. Yes. My imagination is vast. It can reach places one can only dream about. A part of me actually wanted to say yes. But it would’ve been awkward if I did. A few seconds of silence. It wasn’t the time for that. I told them I didn’t. They informed me that I should wear socks ’cause we had to change into bowling shoes when we get there.

Phew! Relief.

For some reason, I thought not wearing socks at that time was something bad. I was nervous. Weird.

I rushed upstairs and put on a nice fresh pair of white socks. All of my socks are white. They just look pure and clean.

We left after I got my shoes on. Ate Lean was driving, Leira was beside her. Adriel was sitting behind Ate Lean. I was sitting behind Leira. Little Creek, here we go!

On the way, they started playing a game named BINGO. Whenever one sees a yellow car, one should scream BINGO! It was a fun game. Adriel was good. He spotted a yellow car, like, every six minutes or so. Leira was doing good too. Ate Lean was far behind. She couldn’t find one. She needed to find one. Her game face was on. Her body language shouted, “I’m not gonna lose!” I spotted one car. But that was it. After that yellow car passed us by, I laid back and closed my eyes. I rested for a bit. The scenery slowly started to fade into black. I was sound asleep.

The sound of the engine stopping woke me up. We’ve arrived. Everybody hopped off and followed Ate Lean as she led the way to the entrance of the Bowling Alley.

The pavement was wet. Little ponds decorated it. It probably rained a few minutes ago. Every step left a wet shoe print behind. The grass were soaked in water. It must have liked it. A little drink from the clouds.

The place was named Little Creek Bowling Alley. It had a picture of an alligator slash crocodile on its logo. I could never tell the difference between the two. I think it had to do something with their teeth. That was my bet.

I absorbed the whole alley’s aura. It was nice to see a place I’ve never visited before. It had a serene feel to it.

The lady at the counter asked me what my shoe size is. I hesitated before answering. “Ten!”  I wasn’t sure of my size. And different places have different sizes. I didn’t want to get size that doesn’t fit me and give her the trouble of getting a new pair. I got a few pairs of shoes with the same shoe sizes. A few fit perfectly, but a few were either bigger or smaller. What’s with the different fits. Good thing size ten fitted me perfectly. And the print was kinda cool too.


I was all set to bowl.



There were three holes in the bowling balls. I tried fitting different fingers into different holes. Leira showed me how to hold it. The two holes on the upper part were for the middle finger and the ring finger. The hole on the lower part was for the thumb. I learned fast. But that was just basic though. And preparation for the actual thing.

A total of three rounds were played. The players were composed of Leira, Adriel, and me. I had fun bowling. The first few bowls, I actually got decent scores. Beginner’s luck. A few went in to the gutter, of course. I also got a few strikes here and there. The feeling of getting a strike was good. I felt like I was the King of Bowling. Yeah! 🙂


First Round: Adriel

Second Round: Me

Third Round: Adriel

Adriel was really good. He got strikes most of the time. He knows how to position himself before, during, and after he throws the ball. Oh wait. Not throw the ball, just bowl. Throwing was something I kept doing. But it did help me get a few good scores. And I actually won a round. Woot! Woot! 🙂

Once again, as soon as the engine started, and we were on our way home, I started to doze off again. This time, with a smile on my face. 🙂


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