Edit: I forgot to post this yesterday. [For July 15]

479 Reddick Road, Newport News, Virginia – my new temporary address.

Yes, I moved from Virginia Beach to here at Newport News this afternoon. It was around 5pm when I arrived.

The address belongs to my Tita (Aunt) Tina – the sister of my Mom’s office mate. Or rather, her house is situated on that address.

When we arrived, I rang the doorbell. Tita Tina answered the door and welcomed me with open arms. I immediately hugged her. She was so warm and gentle. I really missed her. The last time I saw her was last month. Around late June. It was a long time ago. Missing her was natural.

“Guys, we have a guest,” Tita Tina announced with that bright smile highlighting her face.


I was so happy. Not only Tita Tina welcomed me. My other friends did the same thing. Except for the screaming part. Only my friends did that. But I liked it. 🙂

My other Tita, Tita Leah, along with some of my friends, helped me transfer my stuff. I had a lot of stuff so we had to go back and forth a few times. Both my Titas engaged in a conversation while the transfers were ongoing.  It’s an adult thing.

I bid farewell to my Tita Leah, wishing her a pleasant and safe trip, as she started the engine. I expressed my deepest thanks for letting me stay at her abode for about two weeks. It was really kind of her. She was so hospitable. She even took some of her working days off just to show me around Virginia Beach. I had a lot of fun while staying there. Those memories were unforgettable.

Now, to enjoy some more!


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