Hair and There

New look. Same old attitude.



For the duration of my stay at the U.S.A. – four months, not once did I get a haircut. Usually, I do, every month. But those four months were an exception. I mean, I’ve never had a chance to actually grow my hair long ’cause of school rules. But I went to the U.S.A. to work, not to go to school, so I had the perfect reason not to get my hair cut. No rules about hair there. I could have grown it longer had I stayed longer. Oops! Not an option. That’d be bad for my record. I wouldn’t want to ruin my chances to be able to go back there. Never.

Sporting my new look isn’t as easy as it looks. I was used to my long hair back at the U.S.A. I’ve even learned to cope with it in different situations. It was a great feeling. There were no downsides. But reality caught up with me quickly. I knew, eventually, that I would have to had it cut. That day came by so fast. It was as if a quick gentle breeze passed by, blowing my hair with it.

As the days go by, little by little, I’m getting used to my new look. I’m trying to interact with lots of people to better get used to it. Going social helps. A casual mall trip here and there, little conversations and catching up at school, riding on transportation vehicles, basically anything that exposes me. Talk about a major self-confidence boost. 🙂


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