School is cool. I go to school. Therefore, I’m cool.

Sound logical enough? Well, it’s not. And I’m not cool either. Especially when I went to school this morning dressed in my school uniform only to find out, when I arrive there, that today’s our annual Acquaintance Party. Smooth.

Our school holds an annual event called “Acquaintance Party.” Basically, it’s for students to get acquainted with each other. Very self-explanatory, I know. Sorry for trying to define it.

To avoid confusion, students are divided by departments – Management and Entrepreneurship, Arts and Sciences, and Education. The departments have their respective room assignments for its students. Usually, there would be either one or two sections of the same department in one room. For example, last year, my section – Section 3 – was paired with Section 4 and assigned the same room. All we had to was share the room. We didn’t have a problem with that considering that only a few attended last year.

I have been attending this event ever since I was a Freshman. This year, however, would be an exception. I’m a Senior now, and most Seniors are having their On the Job Training, which means, hardly anyone will attend. I guess there would be around ten students per section, at the very least. That won’t be much fun. That’s why I decided not to attend. I’ve had my share of fun and excitement. And, I already got acquainted with most of the students. I befriended a lot these past few years. I think it’s safe to pass on this event, maybe let the others make the most of it. I’m sure they’ll have fun, even if there’re just a few of them.

Back to me and what happened a while ago.

I entered the school at around 10 a.m. The guards asked me where I was going, which was strange. Oddly enough, there were no students hanging around nearby. Usually, there’re lots of  ’em.

I informed the guard of my purpose – to fix my grade. I got a 4.0 grade on my SOC PHILO 114: Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Man. It was my first time acquiring a grade of 4.0. I had to fix it, no matter what.

Extra info:

Our school makes use of numbers as their grading system. The grades range from 1.0 – 5.0. 1.0 is the highest, whereas 5.0 is the lowest. But there’s more. If one were to pass a subject, the lowest grade one can get should be 3.0. Grades lower than that is bad for one’s record. To be specific, a grade of 4.0 is given to students who usually don’t/can’t take either a Midterm Exam, or a Final Exam. There are also other reasons for teachers to give it, I just don’t know what. If one gets a 5.0, it’s an automatic fail. One has to redo the whole subject again in another semester. That would be a big waste of time and money.

I made my way past a couple of students, all wearing casual clothing, emphasizing comfort and personal expression. Oh how I wish I remembered the event. Most eyes were on me. I didn’t like that feeling.

Luckily, when I entered my teacher’s office, he was there. I immediately told him that I wanted to know why and how I got a grade of 4.0. He then checked his class record and scanned through my grades.


The office exploded…

…just kidding. Me and my imagination.

“Uh oh,” exclaimed my teacher in discomfort.

It turned out, I was supposed to get a grade of 2.5. But my teacher missed a detail and put a 4.0 by mistake.


It was like a nail was removed from my chest. Relief never felt so good.

My teacher then wrote a letter to rectify my grade. All I had to do was accomplish a Completion/Removal Form, and I was all set to go.

I got the form from our Registrar, paid for it at the Cashier’s office, which, by the way, took almost ten minutes ’cause the Cashier was fiddling about on her computer. I was standing in front of her the whole time and not once did she glance at me for almost ten minutes. Wow. But anyways, after a few minutes, she processed my Form and I gave it to my teacher. There were three copies, one for me, one for my teacher, and one for the Registrar. My teacher submitted both the letter and my form to the Registrar.


I was good to go. I went home as soon as we were done.


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