Hot. So hot.


My little sister Trixia, who just turned ten this year, decided to play her caster board today. It would have been fine with me except for one little detail – I had to accompany her. Why, you ask? I had to. The reason being she had to cross the road to get to her destination.


Across our house, there’s a straight road leading to more houses in the neighborhood. That road is enough to accommodate Trixia and her caster board’s space requirements. In fact, it was enough to accommodate at least twenty children with caster boards. All they had to do was try not to bump to each other.


The sun shone ever so brightly. The rays were piercing through my skin. But none of this never stopped my little sister. Nor would it ever stop her from doing what she wants. She can be so stubborn, not caring about her health sometimes. Don’t worry, though. She’s healthy enough to take care of her own.


Carrying the caster board was the easy part. Riding was not. But my little sister seemed to make it look so easy. Sure, she had time to practice, but I never thought she would be so great at it. She was a natural. Maybe she has a way with extreme things. A fall of two probably helped her get so good.



I was so glad when we finished. Being soaked in the sun made me feel very sticky. I took a bath when we got home. Nothing like a nice cold relaxing bath after being under the sun.


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