ECHO Speech

These past few days, I’ve been working on what I’m supposed to say on our upcoming ECHO Seminar – a seminar intended to impart to students (taking part in the Work and Travel Program for the U.S.A. next year) the knowledge and experiences of program participants who have already participated in the previous year, which includes me.


There were thirteen of us who participated in the program this year, which automatically made us the speakers for the said seminar. Being a speaker is not easy, especially because I have little experience. Not to mention my stage fright keeps kicking in once I set foot on any stage. Nevertheless, we are required to share our experiences so that the participants would have an insight as to how to adopt to the different lifestyles, as well as to gain important and useful tips to do when they arrive there. DO’s and DON’Ts would also be enumerated to keep them from being terminated from the program. Every once in a while, at least one would be terminated inevitably, and we would hate it if it was someone from our school. And I’m pretty sure no one would even think of getting terminated.


I’m keeping this speech of mine as short as possible. Being the twelfth speaker – basically, second to the last – the students would probably be at the point of complaining and demanding the end of the seminar. At the very least, only a third would still be listening. I wouldn’t want to bore them to death. I know the feeling, too much that I don’t want others feeling it too. And, by the time it’s my turn, all the points I would be sharing would probably be redundant and cliche.


To make my speech clearer, I’ve created and organized a Powerpoint Presentation, complete with pictures and the key points of my speech. Let’s face it, even if they don’t listen to me, and just glance at my presentation, they would still learn a few things from me. I’m still not done with my presentation because I’m still deciding whether to add a few more slides or not. Anyways, I have already established my final slide, so even if I don’t add a few slides, it’s still complete.


Here’s the last slide I talked about:


I’ve included a picture of Mason – a Korean baby that I adore so much after watching his movie Baby and I. He is super cute! That’s the reason why I’ve included him. He’s cuteness might also help wake up some of the students dozing off. 😀


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