I don’t keep track of all of my stuff. Whenever I see a vacant spot, I would put my stuff there without even keeping mind of it. And often, when I need something, I would need to search for it. There would be days where I have to rummage the entire house, flipping pillows, scattering clothes, moving piles of books, and the like. This is my dilemma.


Today, though I wasn’t searching for anything, I have unearthed a silver and gold necklace that my Mom got for me. I remember that it was a Sunday when Mom bought it for me. I placed it in my drawer for safekeeping. Indeed, it was safe, safe from my hands. Now, as I was trying to get my perfume, I stumbled upon it. It was at the bottom part of my drawer. I even forgot I had it. It must be at least half a year since I last wore it. What a cool treasure I found. Whoever said only pirates get to unearth buried treasures? 😀



I wanted to wear the necklace outside as soon as possible. Talk about excited. Coincidentally, I have to go to school today to get my assessment slip. Woohoo!


School was only fifteen minutes away. When I arrived, I got my assessment slip almost instantly, at the Accounting Office. But I also wanted to get the assessment slip of my friend.


“You need an authorization letter and his I.D.,” said the Accountant.


The thing is, I don’t have any of those. Oh well, it was worth a try. I didn’t expect them to ask those requirements. I should have been keener. Next time, I will get it without fail.


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