Operation Data Recovery

Mom gave me two missions today. First mission: to go to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Second mission: to go the The Civil Service Commission. Finally, stuff to do that actually makes sense.


The Bureau of Internal Revenue is committed to collect taxes for nation-building through excellent, efficient and transparent service, just and fair enforcement of tax laws, uplifting the life of every Filipino. It is also an institution of service excellence, a partner in nation-building, manned by globally competitive professionals with integrity and patriotism.


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is the central personnel agency of the Philippine government. One of the three independent constitutional commissions with adjudicative responsibility in the national government structure, it is also tasked to render final arbitration on disputes and personnel actions on Civil Service matters.



First mission details:


The BIR issue Taxpayer Identification Numbers or TIN‘s to people who apply for it. A TIN is an identification number used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the administration of tax laws. It is issued either by the Social Security Administration (SSA) or by the IRS. A Social Security number (SSN) is issued by the SSA whereas all other TINs are issued by the IRS.


My mission is to gain access to the building and gather data regarding the application for TIN’s. The building has only one entrance with two doors, equipped with two security guards. Security cams are scattered and hidden within the parameters. The doors are forcibly opened to give the security guards a clear view of anyone who goes inside. A table is situated just to the right of the entrance, providing the security guards an office-like space for recording and jotting down information they have gathered from the people.


I, disguised as a regular teenage boy who wants to have a job, wearing an ordinary yellow BNY t-shirt, black short pants, and a pair of white shoes, went head on against the security guards. I established my identity, disclosing information which would help me with the situation. My passion to work and my strong sense of justice were my tools. There was nothing I couldn’t get…


…except for what I came there for. The security guards were able to scrutinize the information I used. They were able to see my inner innocence, the sheer fact that I had absolutely no reason to acquire a TIN. I was forced to retreat and re-evaluate my strategy, correcting the flaws of my plan. But I only had one shot of it today. I’ll be back again another day. Our paths will cross again, security guards, but next time, I’ll be three steps ahead of you. Till then.


Second mission details:


The Civil Service Commission have this “exams” which I’m not entirely sure of the details. These exams provide merits to those who pass. The merit will prove to be an edge in the future when one seeks for a job. There are two kinds of exams – based on the information disseminated by Mom – Subprofessional, and Professional examination. The Professional examination is for graduates, as opposed to the Subprofessional, which is for undergraduates, like me.


My mission is to gather data on the examination schedules, as well as the requirements needed to take the examination.


This mission is way easier compared to the first mission. The office was surrounded with greenery. No signs of hidden security cams outside the perimeter. The building has only one entrance, with doors kept closed for proper air conditioning. The security guard was situated on the far left side of the entrance, surrounded by bulletin boards covered in protective acetate. The security guard also had a table fully equipped with little compartments for his paper works.


I approached the security guard very slowly. He was busy rummaging around his little table. He was looking for something, but I didn’t wanna waste valuable time, so I asked him as he was busy searching. His head faced downwards, getting distracted as I asked when the next examination would be. Half of him wanted to answer, but his concentration was very unstable. He kept shifting from his left foot to his right foot. I guess he didn’t want his attention to be diverted.


He answered my questions, a few pauses at a time. As he was enumerating the requirements, I had to say “what else?” to every single word he replied, until he finished with all the requirements. He provided me a copy of a form for registration, as well as information regarding the examination’s venue. I have to come back and thank that guard one day. I wouldn’t say he was helpful, but at least he didn’t shove me off like a little brat.


I failed miserably on my first mission, but I completed my second mission without fail. 😀


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