Rain, rain, go away… NOW!

Our school terms are divided into two semesters per year. Each semester, the student must pay for his midterm exams and final exams. I went to school today to pay for my midterm exam for the first semester.

I arrived at school at around 1 p.m. I went to Ma’am Sanchez, our school’s practicum coordinator, to claim the authorization letter I needed the other day. She made it on-the-spot, asking for details as she wrote the letter. I noticed that she didn’t let her eyes off the paper, even while asking me stuff. She handed the letter to me after she finished it, signing her name on the bottom right part. The letter came in the form of a little sheet of paper, the kind that you get for buying medicine, complete with the “Rx” thingy on the bottom.

I thought the letter was kinda informal, being written on a sheet of paper like that, but I had no choice. It was better than nothing, I suppose. Blue lines streaked the paper as she used a blue ballpoint pen to write it. I kept it on my pocket.

As I made my way to the accounting office, I saw from afar, one of my classmates. He was one of the students in line for the accountant. I easily spotted him because of his attire. Apparently, if you’re not wearing your uniform at school on a school day, you attract a lot of attention. But us Seniors didn’t need to wear our regular uniforms because we’re on our “Practicum.” We wear a different set of uniform now. But some of us, like my classmate and I, don’t have to wear it yet since we have to be given schedules for our “Practicum” first.

The line wasn’t too long. Around ten to twelve people formed the line. I was the last person. I chatted with my classmate for a few minutes, catching up and stuff. After that, I made my way out of the line and went to the cashier’s office first, to pay for my midterm exams. I almost forgot to pay for it.

The paying process didn’t take too long. It took about three minutes. I got my receipt and went back in line for the accountant. I held in my hand two things: my receipt, and the authorization letter. I was well-equipped. Nothing could fail me now. As I was thinking like this, one by one, the students got out of the line, putting their slips inside their bags. My classmate finished a whole lot quicker than the others. We gave each other a high five before parting.

It was finally my turn. I gave my receipt first, making sure that even if the accountant didn’t accept the authorization letter, I would still have a reason for lining up. Thankfully, the accountant accepted it, informing me to come back to her after paying. Yes! I succeeded. But the sky didn’t look happy for me. In fact, thunder started booming as I made my way home.

I got out the school in one piece, but the sky probably just gave me a head start. It started pouring the moment I stepped foot outside. Just my luck. I didn’t bring anything to shed me from the rain. I ran as fast as I could, hoping so bad that I don’t slip. Only a few seconds of running, and I was already soaking wet. Good thing it wasn’t cold outside. I rode a jeepney on my home. The passengers didn’t mind a soaking wet student sitting beside them, which was a good thing.

I dried myself immediately as I didn’t want to catch a cold. I certainly didn’t want to keep sneezing again and again. Colds are bothersome. >_<


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