Balikbayan Box

Late June, I packed everything I could pack in my box called “Balikbayan Box.” The box was intended for lessening the weight of our baggage, avoiding excess weight on the flight. The excess pounds would have to be paid in dollars, and the rate is incredibly high, or so they say.


Late August, today, to be exact, that “Balikbayan Box” arrived. It was so sudden, that I didn’t have time to react. I signed some paperwork, and a picture of me beside the box was taken, for documentary purposes. The opening of the box followed.



With a pair of scissors as my ally, I cut the packing tape that covered the entire box. My friend and my little sister were back-up, assisting me in opening. My little sister, Trixia, was too excited, and kept tugging the box, trying anything just to open it. I, on the other hand, was slowly making my way, snipping the sides first, before the top part. Unsurprisingly, I was able to open the box without using too much energy.


The box was filled with all sorts of things. Shirts, jeans, toys, lotion, caps, and all sorts of things filled my box. It was a combination of my stuff, and my other friend, Jessa’s stuff. Her blanket filled top part of the box, which was a good thing, as it cushioned the stuff from the number of falls it incurred. I took most of the stuff out, with the help of my friend, Monica. Trixia didn’t have enough time to fiddle around with the stuff ’cause she had to go to school and take some examinations. She reserved her excitement ’til after she got home.



Monica and I sorted all the stuff according to whom the stuff was going to be given to. We packed them in little bags so that it’ll be easier to distribute. I had a lot of stuff, compared to Jessa, but after I got all my stuff out, and put all of Jessa’s stuff in, it seemed like the box was at least three-fourths full. Wow. But I gotta hand it to Jessa for packing everything for me. She folded and rolled everything, making all our stuff fit perfectly inside the box. Now that most of the stuff has been unfolded, it made the box seem just as full.



I informed Jessa that the box arrived, and that she could claim it as soon as she wants to. She then replied that she was still somewhere, and that she’ll pick up her stuff this coming weekend. Good luck to her, ’cause that box is “kinda” huge and still “kinda” heavy, even as it is now, with most of the stuff removed. Well, Jessa’s a big girl, so I’m sure she’ll be able to take care of the transport. 😀


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