They have known each other for almost three months now. But both hardly even hanged-out together. There would be a casual “Hi!” here and there, but that was it.

Sam and Alex has been contracted to work in the same company, but in different areas. Sam worked in a Café as a Chef, gaining popularity almost instantly. Alex, on the other hand, was assigned as a  food server in a fast food restaurant that specialized in meat, keeping a low profile. Both were really busy with work, which resulted in both not having much time to get together and hang-out.

Alex was a loner, preferring to be all alone on most occasions.  Alex would watch movies, eat in buffets, even shop all alone. Alex found freedom in being alone, but realized that freedom came with a price – emptiness. A huge gap formed inside of Alex.

Sam was the complete opposite of Alex. Sam found happiness in being with groups, laughing and sharing ideas and thoughts with each other. Sam wore glasses, but hides that fact sometimes because of embarrassment. Alex thought otherwise, but Sam still insisted that it’s still embarrassing.

Sam had a calm and gentle nature, Alex realized, but never had the chance to say. Sam made Alex feel secure… and happy.

Last day of work came by so soon. Sam took the whole afternoon off to bid farewell to everyone. Before going home Sam stopped by at Alex’s workplace and gave Alex a little parting gift. It was perfect timing, because Alex wanted to give Sam a white and gray cap, to make up for everything. Sam realized that it was their last time seeing each other, so Sam put all Sam’s heart in to three last words, “Thank you. Goodbye,” with a smile that never faded until all three words were said. Sam slowly walked outside, taking in the company’s beauty for one last time.

Alex peeked inside through a little hole. Alex’s favorite food was inside, and also something red and soft. Tears started falling Alex’s eyes. Alex couldn’t stop crying. Only then did Alex realize that Sam was the missing piece all along. It was Sam who would fill Alex’s emptiness with fun and laughter, as colorful as the spectrum of visible light.

Alex rushed outside, wiping tears on the way. Alex caught up with Sam.

Time stood still.

Alex just stared at Sam, experiencing flashbacks of all the times Sam wanted to hang-out, with Alex always reasoning out that work kept Alex occupied.

In the end, Alex was only able to raise a hand and wave goodbye. Sam beamed and turned around, gripping the cap with all of Sam’s might, holding back tears. Sam rushed outside.

That was the last time Sam and Alex saw each other.


5 thoughts on “Fragments

    1. Thank youuu! 😀 I don’t think there’ll be a Part 2, though. 🙂 But I also have this strong feeling that Sam and Alex will meet again. Only time will tell.

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