Classes just ended. But the day is still young. Thoughts of sleeping the whole afternoon filled Selena’s mind as she made her way outside her school, carrying a huge book for her medical studies.


“Selena, you’re goin’ home already?” asked Toby.


Toby was this intelligent albeit isolated boy in Selena’s class. He has been Selena’s crush for almost a month now. She would’ve dated Toby if it wasn’t for the fact that he already has a girlfriend.


“Yup!” Selena replied.


“Let’s go study in the library together.” Toby insisted.


“Sure. Why not?” Selena agreed.


En route to the library, memories of her and Toby together overflowed in her mind. Like a cup, it was filled to the brim, and still spilling. They often text each other, talking about school activities and personal life experiences. They refer to each other as “dude” for some strange reason, unknown to society. Toby often talked about his girlfriend when sending  text messages to Selena, sharing their fights and faults, asking for advice to mend the problems. At first, Selena found this weird, considering the fact that she never dated anyone in her entire life. How could she possibly give advice on a subject she never touched? If it was how cells reproduced, or how stigma affects the body, she could totally answer. But this, this is just strange.


Selena never argued and offered to help Toby, as she wanted her friend to be happy. She found an advice or two inside her, which actually helped Toby in some dire situations. She never felt jealous at all, and she found happiness in Toby’s happiness. Seeing him smile, hanging out with him, it was enough for Selena. She was contented.


“We’re here, dude,” exclaimed Toby.


The library was half empty, with most of the students scattered all over town. The librarian was delighted by the fact that she need not scold many students. It was heaven for Selena, being alone with the person she admired. Both would crack up once in a while, with each sharing jokes and stuff. Selena imagined violins playing just for the two of them. It was sweet and serene.


Time passed by, the hands of the clock meeting thrice already. Three hours had already passed by. Selena didn’t even notice. Suddenly, reality kicked in.


“I think we should go, dude. I’m meeting up with her right now.” Toby informed Selena, out of the blue.


“Oh, right! She’s off now,” Selena trailed off, but managed a smile.


“See you, dude,” both said at the exact same time. Selena giggled. Toby smiled, in return.


They parted, looking forward to what the next day has in store for them.


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