Writing has always been Tyler’s passion. He enjoys sharing his inner thoughts and ideas; with a pen, paper, and his motivation as his arsenal of weapons.

Tyler recently wrote a book, which got published and made headlines. It was his memoir, chronicling his life journeys, from puberty to adolescence. He’s been through a lot. But amidst all those hardships, he met a friend, one he cherished the most, one he shared roller coaster rides with, one who inspired him to write the book that made him famous. But after the book was published, Tyler has never seen nor heard from this friend of his.

Two months has passed. Not a single word from Tyler’s friend. As a result, Tyler published another version of his book. The newer version came with a letter, disclosing his thoughts about his dear friend that he missed so much. But Tyler didn’t settle for just sharing his thoughts. He wanted to know how his friend thought of the book. Was Tyler’s friend easily able to relate to the story? Was Tyler’s friend able to feel the burning desire to meet up once more? To do some catching up and just be with each other. Memories of the past never left Tyler’s mind.

There was a unique attachment to the newer version of the book. There was a letter for his friend, alright, but it was torn halfway. The only way to complete the letter is for his friend to come see him personally. Everyone knew where Tyler lived. The whole neighborhood was proud of him. Everyone would greet him every time they came across each other. Tyler felt like a super star, and felt the burden of being one as well. His only wish was to see his friend for one more time. He read his letter silently in his mind, taking in the fresh air and listening to birds chirping in the trees.


My friend,

It has been months since we last saw each other. How have you been? I have been longing to see you. You were my inspiration for writing.You would appreciate and praise my anecdotes when we were still kids, using smiles to convey your thoughts. I miss those times.

Everyday, I would sit in front of the beach, stare at the sun as it slowly sets in the horizon, leaving a trail of dark hued light on the waters. I would wonder how you were doing, writing your name on the sand using my index finger. Gazing at your name always lit a smile on my face. I-

That’s as far as the published letter went. He kept the last part of the letter in his subconscious, reserving it for the day when he finally meets up with his friend. That day might come tomorrow. It might come next week. It might even come next month. But the possibility of not meeting up ever again with each other never crossed Tyler’s mind.  He just knows he’ll see his friend again.


5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Hihi =’)

    This was a beautiful concept; but it’s certainly something I wouldn’t be able to pull off no matter how hard I tried.

    I look forward to your take on my Rainbow Challenge xD

    1. Thank youuu! 🙂

      I see. I guess you’re more of the thriller/gore type storyteller.

      Still haven’t decided on the concept of the story, but I’ll try to make it as less boring as I can. 😀

      1. Hehe, I’ll look forward to it! I’ll be ‘closing’ it on september first, but I’ll leave you a spot on the “past Challenges” section if you don’t get done. =3

        Haha, thrillers and gore are AkumaHime’s specialties; this Maya is more of a ‘what-do-I-feel-like-doing-today?’ type xD

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