Day 2: Marry Me

Day 2: Your least favorite song


I happen to have discovered this song by mistake. I was searching for the song that had the lyrics “On the day that I marry your daughter.” I heard the song from one of my friends, but I never made the effort to ask the title of the song. At that time, I hardly cared of the song. But, after a few days, I realized that it was actually a great song, worthy of appraisal. I tried searching for it at YouTube, typing the keywords “Marry Me” as I thought it was the most appropriate title for the song, at that time. When I found “Marry Me” it at YouTube, I decided to play it immediately without waiting for it to buffer. I kept waiting for that line, all throughout the song. Sadly, I didn’t hear it, and I realized that it was a different song. I tried to Google that line, and found out that the song was entitled “Marry Your Daughter” by Brian McKnight which is my favorite song now.


So, without further ado, I present my least favorite song – Marry Me by Train



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