Day 5: Looking Up while Walking

Day 5: A song that reminds you of someone

I’m gonna use another Japanese song for this. I’m probably gonna use a lot of Japanese songs in the future.

When I was still a college sophomore, we had Basic Nihongo (Japanese) and Advanced Nihongo (Japanese) for our foreign languages subject. We had an two entire semesters laid for the two subjects. Our teacher was a Filipino but she has studied Nihongo for many years. As part of our subject, we had a assistant teacher who was an actual person from Japan. His name was Okada-sensei. He taught us a lot of stuff, most of which were from his own point of view, as a regular Japanese citizen. He had difficulties pronouncing some of the English words, but we still understood him. He was fun to be with. But, he left after a couple of months because he had to go back to Japan. One of the songs he left for us to memorize and be familiar with was 上を向いて歩こう [Ue wo muite arukou] (Looking up while walking) by Kyu Sakamoto. I hardly ever play it. In fact, I’ve never played since last year, until now. And when I played it, it reminded me of this funny and intelligent teacher of ours who came all the way from Japan.



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