Day 11: Deep In My Heart

Day 11: A song from your favorite band


I have been waiting for this. To be able to feature a song from my favorite band – Big Ass. This is gonna be my first Thai song for the whole challenge. But there will be more in the future. Definitely.


No dirty thoughts, everyone.


Big Ass is a Thai rock band. It was originally a pop rock band but the music moved toward hardcore punk in some of the band’s recent works.


I first heard of this band when I watched the movie Suck Seed, featuring the band’s song Deep in my Heart. The song simply captivated me, holding me within its grasp. It was so powerful, the impact was alluring. I listen to this song daily. It never gets old. I even have the video on my phone. Talk about obsessed.


I could use all the adjectives in my vocabulary to describe this song and the band, but it would not suffice. The band, and this song, are simply awesome! A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Hats off to Thailand! One day, I will visit that country. I definitely will.


Here’s the video of the song. It’s in Thai, but there are romanized lyrics available on the video.



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