My Dental Prophylaxis

My Aunt raised her concern about my teeth a few days ago. Apparently, I needed to schedule a dental prophylaxis appointment with her family’s dentist. It occurred to me that my teeth really was a rising concern, though not that much. I decided to do this prophy-thingy so I’d be done with it. The thing is, scheduling an appointment is something I rarely do. What I did was I visited the clinic today and just waited until it was my turn.


Dental Prophylaxis removes plaque and tartar from the teeth (not the roots). This will make the gums and teeth healthier. A proper exam is necessary prior to teeth cleaning to ensure that periodontal disease does not go undetected.


While waiting, I did some catching up with one of my friends who happened to be there as well. Her name is Roda. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? 🙂 She was originally one of my classmates until she decided to stop for one year and took a part time job to earn money. We talked about random stuff, spurting out nonsense and bursting with laughter as we went along. It was fun talking with her.


Her turn came up first. She wanted one of her teeth extracted. It was causing her pain. Bearing with it was just not an  option for her. My turn came up next, and a lot sooner than I expected.


It was my first time so I had no idea what I would be undergoing, whether or not it would be painful or not. I’ve always seen lots of movies where kids say and do all kinds of stuff to avoid a trip to the dentist. I was past that, knowing that dentists would never do anything that would cause their patients discomfort.


Boy was I wrong.


I positioned myself on a mechanical chair that bend and fold in different places with a touch of a button/lever. The dentist placed a paper tissue on my chest. It was the shade of yellow. Probably, to make the patients think of happy thoughts. The light didn’t help. It was as yellow as the sun, and probably just as bright. It was moved to an angle that would make the contents of my mouth visible.


I wasn’t really thinking of anything particular at that time. Nor did I expect the whole process to be painful. In this time of age, anesthesia is being used in most operations, so I didn’t worry about pain. That’s when the doctor did an initial ocular inspection of my mouth, saying that the process “might” be slightly painful due to the status of my teeth. Man, was I treating my teeth badly.


The dentist was a girl, by the way, introducing herself as Dr. Athena. T’was a lovely name for a pretty dentist. All the more reason to be relaxed… until the process started.


Two words – excruciatingly painful. I felt as if my teeth were coming off. I even kept biting the little air tube she inserted in my mouth. But I commended Dr. Athena’s efforts to make it less painful. She didn’t want me in pain, and she certainly didn’t want her patient to feel any discomfort. She did everything to make the operation as less painful as possible. That’s the attitude of a future successful dentist. I was so lucky to have been her patient, despite the pain and suffering of my mouth. 🙂 I was so glad when it ended. No more pain!


I had to wait before I could complete the paperwork, so I sat on their little benches, and reminisced a little. It occurred to me that my first ever encounter with teeth cleaning was when I was still little. I didn’t have my teeth cleaned, but I was told how it was done.


Should you wish to have your teeth cleaned, be prepared. The dentist will have to remove every single tooth from your gums and individually clean them. After which, your teeth will be placed back on your gums, whiter than before.


It occurred to me that what I believed was a bit far-fetched from the truth. Way too far-fetched. Now that I’m older, I can’t imagine a dentist slowly removing my teeth one by one for cleaning. Boy, was I such a kid. Oops, I still am.


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