Hallucinations and Paranoia

Horror movies have been part of our lives for as long as I can remember. Thousands of movies were released with Horror as its genre. Many have succeeded, many have failed. I am not one to judge, as I’m not much of a fan of the genre.


The main reason why I hate horror movies is because blood is always associated with it. Blood disgusts me. I’m not saying that bloodshed should be removed from horror movies, that would be pathetic. It would probably make the movies pointless. A little gore here and there is good, but movies that focus on gore are just unbearable. Saw, Hostel, and the like are just way too much. I can’t imagine why people love those movies so much. And those people probably can’t imagine why I hate movies like those so much.


Gone are the days of little bloodshed movies. The era for gore has finally come. Horror is redefined once more. How is horror really defined? Wikipedia and other dictionaries can’t define it. The definition comes from a person’s own perception of the word. Books are useless, searching for it is futile. Let us seek the answers for ourselves. Only then would the true meaning of “Horror” surface from the depths of the unknown.


Now that I got that out from my mind, let me blog about the reason why I spurted nonsense yet again.


Of all the genres of movies I watch, Horror would be the least, in terms of number. Basically, watching horror movies hardly cross my mind at all. It never crossed my mind that I’m missing quite a lot by ignoring movies of the said genre. If it’s gore, I don’t mind missing a lot, but there are some that focus on suspense and thrill. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a good horror movie. I got caught up with Comedy and Music-themed movies that I brushed aside horror movies without even knowing it. Well, it’s time to make up. I decided to search for a few Horror movies that I could actually bear to watch. I found a few, bloodshed inevitable. I’ll probably watch some later.


I got two options:

  1. Watch later this afternoon, with the sun still visible, the surroundings lit by the sun’s rays, or
  2. Watch later this night, switch off all the lights, create an eerie atmosphere and scare the living daylights out of me.
Option 1 sounds promising. But Option 2 is epic. A little spookfest never hurt anyone. But I do have to prepare and brace myself. Another sleepless night is yet to come. Paranoia will get the best of me. And I’ll probably hallucinate. Just probably.
Footsteps trudging, doors creaking, tree branches swaying, moonlight shining – perfect eerie atmosphere. Nightfall, come early, so I may drench myself in fear and sweat, and anticipate another sleepless night full of hallucinations and paranoia.
Yup, I’m crazy. Bear with it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hallucinations and Paranoia

  1. Glad there’s someone else who is sick of people that equate gore with horror. Gore is not scary, just kinda gross. Suspense and mystery are at the heart of true horror. Hope you find some good stuff to scare yourself with. Unfortunately I have few recommendations… Though Insidious was fairly good and has almost no gore in it at all. Good luck!

  2. Agreed. Building up tension and sudden frights, now that’s horror. Gore is just plain disgusting. I found a few movies, but I haven’t seen ’em yet. Maybe later this night. I love a good scare.

    Thank youuuu! 🙂

    I’ll check out insidious. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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