Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Regret is a rock,
Something always there.
We pretend that it’s gone,
But its weight we share.

It sometimes pulls us down,
It sometimes makes us cry,
It’s always hiding in our mind.
One thing that never dies.

We try to discard it,
We skip, we ignore, and we throw.
But as a rock is indestructible,
Regret will always show.

Luckily we can learn from them,
Like rocks in river beds.
Over time they slowly fade,
And become sand instead.


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

  1. some great textures. my thoughts on regret – i have learned that it can be a heavy burden, but that it is actually a choice. who knew! so i choose not to, and as your poem says, i go with the sand, and brush it aside.
    the journey continues & the best moment is the very one we are in.
    thanks for sharing the image and the poem.

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