The Thief and the Cleric

I find myself facing an entrance to a cave-like structure. Moss decorated the entrance. Pure darkness awaited those who would enter.


A black and white robe kept me warm, my hands occupied by holding a staff. A jewel-encrusted staff, light emanating from it. It illuminated the pitch black cave, providing enough light to see.


Tiny bits of information became clearer as the seconds went by. I was a Cleric, possessing healing and support spells. And I was with someone else.


To my left stood a boy with dual daggers and a crimson scarf that seemed to defy gravity. He was a thief, a character with lightning fast reflexes and assassination skills. We were on a quest, I knew, but as to what the quest details were, I had no idea.


We ventured in, readying ourselves for the creatures that lie in wait for us.


Torches hang by the walls, craving for fire. Skeletons paved the pathway. Bats screeched as they lay upside-down, eyes gleaming green in the eerie darkness.


“Watch out!”


The thief pushed me out-of-the-way, taking in the full blow of a creature. I couldn’t make sense of the creature. Its physical appearance was a silhouette, covered in black, shrouded in mystery. The thief got knocked back a few meters, but got to his feet just as fast. He vanished, and reappeared at the rear of the creature. He gripped his daggers and backstabbed, making the monster wail in pain. It threw its arms back and forth, trying to hit the thief, but failing miserably as the thief sidestepped in different directions.


I cast a healing spell on the thief, bestowing him more health. That’s when everything became a blur.


I open my eyes and find myself lying in the bed, facing the white ceiling of our house. It was a dream, far from reality. It was probably my subconscious desire to wield unmatched power and test-run it by defeating evil monsters. I probably should lay back on the RPGs.

Who knows? Next time, I might get to be a mage, cast destructive spells, and maybe rule the world, all before bedtime.


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