Wow! It’s been almost half a month since I last posted. Being on hiatus is not good for a blogger’s health. School has started making me busy again.

I’m a College Senior now at our school. And, as part of our curriculum, we have to perform our In-Campus Hotel Practicum at LNU House – our school’s laboratory hotel. Usually, the practicum spans from 5-7 weeks, depending on how good and honest you are. Some of the people I know got extended for a couple of weeks ’cause of negligence of duties and responsibilities. Hopefully, I won’t be one of ’em. I’ll be a good practicum student, I promise! 🙂

I’ve started my practicum last September 16, with a little bit of confusion and mismatched identities mixed in. Let me elaborate. I got scheduled on September 14, 2011. Schedules are posted weekly. When the schedule gets posted, newcomers are to start the next day with their designated positions/assignments. The schedule for my week was posted in the late afternoon, bringing excitement and disappointment, As I scanned the list, I prioritized on looking for my name. Sadly, my name was nowhere to be found. Half of me wanted to look at the back page, which was seriously weird, even for me.

The schedule, securely placed inside a glass-covered bulletin board of ours, was mocking me. If it had a face, it was probably putting out its tongue. What I noticed, though, was that one of my friends’ name was listed when she was supposed to be scheduled the next week. I wanted to clear things out, so I asked the Hotel Manager about it. It turned out, there was a mismatch. My name was supposed to be on the list, but our Hotel Manager accidentally mixed our names.

Oh! Your name was supposed to be on this list, and your friend, on next week’s list. Just tell her it’s okay if she decides to start her duty.

Our hotel Manager is so kind. She let both of us start, considering the fact that the laboratory hotel will need manpower the following weeks, with only a few people wanting to be scheduled. Oh well. I’m sure things’ll turn out well eventually. I mean, it always does. 🙂 Be optimistic!

List of the positions I was assigned:

First Week: Room Attendant

Second Week: Houseman (All Floors / C.R.)

For my third week, hopefully, I get to be assigned as a Front Office Clerk with a 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM shift – more popularly known as the Graveyard Shift. I wanna try it for one reason – to experience Paranormal Activities. Who doesn’t want to experience ghosts and the like? Time to cross my fingers! XD


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