Initial Graveyard Shift

Howdy! It’s 2AM in the morning. I found myself blogging after having so much fun with my fellow practicum students. My desire for a graveyard position has come to realization.

There are a total of four of us here at this very moment. Rarely do I get the chance to blog when the stuff I blog abut are currently happening. I’ve just started my first day, and lots of firsts are already happening. 🙂

I arrived five minutes before six. I considered it late. Blamed it on water shortage earlier. I could have easily taken a bath in the morning and be prepared to come to our university, but no. The water just had to stop running. Boooo!

The water started running mid-afternoon, but was too little that I could barely fill a glass without waiting at least half an hour. By the time it was past 5PM, I was able to take a full bath, scrubbing real good. The water felt great. I came out fresh and ready to take on the world, after putting on some clothes, of course.

I was briefed by our Hotel Manager, highlighting the top priorities of being an S.R.O. (Student Resident Officer) in a summarized I-won’t-repeat-this-again-so-you-better-listen-up way. She was strict, but her expression hinted delight. What she was delighted about, I didn’t try to know.

I played with Jea’s – my friend – iPad2. Tap Tap Revenge is my favorite. May it be on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad2, i play it and have fun always. I love playing with my reflexes. This time, though, I tried the trial version of Angry Birds. After a few rounds, I shifted to a game about a Penguin trying to cross broken ice paths. I forgot the name. And i often forget stuff. My memory is so short-term. I should probably try utilizing my long-term memory. I’m sure it’ll be handy in the future.

For this night, I brought my black acoustic guitar. I knew I wouldn’t be doin’ much early in the morning, so I thought of practicing a few songs. Originally, my plan was to make Reniel – my friend with a graveyard shift, the only one for this whole week – play a few songs while I sang. We covered a few songs, but later on stopped as Reniel’s fingers were starting to feel sore.

I ate dinner with Patrice, Ate Jesseca, Daphne, Jessa, Jea,  and Agnes. We ate at a place called Kud’z. It’s a fast food establishment that sells chicken and rice. One thing that makes it unique compared to others is they encourage customers to eat with their hands, wrapped in a cellophane specifically for hands. In our place, we have the option to eat using just our hands. It’s also something quite unique of the Filipino culture, passed down by our first few ancestors. I had a leg part of a chicken and two cups of rice. My choice for drinks was Sting. I was full when we left the place, feeling very very sleepy.

We got back after a few minutes, deciding to hang out in our laboratory hotel’s garden. My friend Daphne wanted to play songs with my guitar, so I asked Reniel to lend it to us for a while. He handed it over with a grin on his face, proceeding to the Front Office to assist the Front Desk Clerks. I asked Daphne to play Jet Lag by Simple Plan, searching the net for the chords via Jea’s iPad2. The Last Song Syndrome struck me once again. I just couldn’t help but listen to it ’cause it’s such a wonderful, powerful, and meaningful song. Daphne was familiar with the chords, so she tried playing it, mischievously strumming. She actually got the gist of the rhythm, which I found amazing. I sang while she played the guitar. She, and my friend Agnes, sang along. It was fun. But it didn’t last that long. After the clocked struck ten, they left, home-bound. Only four of us were left – Me, Reniel, Jessa, and Patrice.

I have to say, having Patrice for company filled the hotel with reasons to laugh. Most of what she had to say was absolutely hysterical. And Jessa laughing to almost anything anyone had to say was quite entertaining. Both of them gave a little life to the graveyard shift. I’m so lucky to have them right now as company. 🙂

Currently, Reniel has settled on a couch in the lobby, catching some Z’s. Patrice and Jessa are fast asleep in the Front Desk, with my phone playing random songs. And, of course, yours truly, sitting in an unethical manner while blogging this.


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