Mid-Afternoon Traffic Jam

This afternoon, I was on my way to our downtown district, bearing my hunger until I reached my destination – Zilog. It’s a fast food establishment that specialized in “silog” meals – meals with an egg and fried rice as sides. I was supposed to reach it fifteen minutes after I got on a jeep if it wasn’t for a parade of kids and adults. Sporting bright-colored t-shirts, straw hats, and little balloons, they caused a massive (okay, I’m exaggerating, but it was close) traffic jam, resulting in unexpected detours of jeeps. Some held musical instruments, creating harmonious melodies. But that didn’t change the fact that I was forced to go off-course. I had to hop off almost half a kilometer away from my destination, walking as fast as I could. My tummy was grumbling, craving for food. I arrived at Zilog tired, hungry, and full of sweat.

I didn’t waste time and ordered quickly. I had a Tocilog (Tocino – made from pork fatback (not pork belly) and neither cured nor smoked, but just fried until very crunchy; one egg sunny side up; and fried rice) and Mountain Dew. My hands moved swiftly, scooping up rice, Tocino, and egg simultaneously. I told myself to slow down. Eating so fast would only make me hungry later. I savored every bite, filling my food-deprived stomach (again, exaggerating; I ate breakfast a few hours ago). I drank Mountain Dew in-between bites. After a few spoonfuls, my plate was empty, but my stomach was filled so much. I rested for a few minutes before setting out to my next destination – Paper World.

Paper World is a school supplies shop (as you may already have guessed), filled with items to aid pupils, students, and even people with jobs. My purpose was to purchase a BioData form. It cost two Philippine pesos, which is quite cheap. I was supposed to get a Tax Certificate afterwards, but I forgot to bring the rest of my money, so I hauled a jeep and was home bound.

Until now, I’m still wondering what the parade was about. Oh well.


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