Jet Lag

This blog entry marks my last day (or should I say night) of my In-Campus Hotel Practicum. Later, at around 11 in the morning, I’ll be on my way to Cebu City, in preparation for my Off-Campus Hotel Practicum. An interview is scheduled on the 20th of October, at exactly 2PM at some place in Cebu. That’s the day after tomorrow, to be exact. We have to arrive a day earlier to allot enough time to get ready. But before I move on to my next practicum, let me say a few things. And by few, I really mean few.

Being a Student Resident Officer with a graveyard shift was probably the easiest, especially if no guests unexpectedly check-in. All I had to do was maintain the overall cleanliness of the hotel, make sure everybody’s doing their job, avoid giving special treatments to friends, and be nice. Oh and did I mention sleep? Yup, that’s right. Since I hardly ever do anything past 11PM, I sleep. My fellow graveyard shiftee Reniel Badenas, assigned as a Front Office Clerk with a graveyard shift of 10PM to 6AM, does absolutely the same thing. You’re probably wondering where and how we sleep here in the Front Desk. Well, we find ways. It’s either that or we don’t sleep at all. All night paaaarty! 😀 …Just kiddin’.

Looking back at my previous positions, (Room Attendant, Houseman, Front Office Clerk [the three with a 2PM to 10PM shift], Housekeeping Supervisor [8AM – 8PM], and lastly, Student Resident Officer [S.R.O. graveyard shift]) I’ve noticed that our Hotel Manager did not give me a hard time. Thank you so much, Ma’am Juliet Lerios, our ever successful Hotel Manager, for imparting to us your tried and tested knowledge. I wonder if she knew how lazy I was, not being able to get up earlier than 9AM. I was able to try a morning shift, starting as early as 8AM in the morning, giving me no choice but to wake up at past 6 in the morning. It posed a certain degree of difficulty at first, but I was able to adapt. I almost got accustomed to waking up at 6AM. Then, when I became THE S.R.O. for the evening, I needed to adopt yet again. I can’t say I was able to fully adopt, but I did get the hang of waking up the whole night, and sleeping the whole morning. A feeling of Jet Lag. Deja vu much? That made me miss America and its different timezone.

And my heart, heart, heart is so JETLAGGED!


Now, I’m sitting on a monobloc chair, typing this entry on our school’s Laptop, the wind blowing through my back. My eyes are probably red from grogginess, my hands getting sore from lifting my arms just to type. A green pillow can be found to my right, staring at me and inviting me to its ever-so-alluring caress. Come to me and rest your weary head, it keeps implying. I’m actually tempted to do it. But I’ll wrap this blog up first. How should I end this blog? Hmm… I have absolutely no idea. Oh wait! I guess I’ll go with wishing myself a huge GOOD LUCK! to myself for my interview at Cebu. Oh! I forgot to mention the name of the Hotel. It’s called Marco Polo Plaza Hotel. And that’s my next destination!


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