Marco Polo


Last October 19, I went to Cebu for my OJT Interview. The interview was scheduled on October 20, 2PM, at Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu. I was a day earlier for preparations.


Cebu holds historic as well as economic significance. This oldest city of the Philippines is currently the economic nerve centre of the southern and central part of the country thereby attracting tourists for business as well as leisure.


My means of transportation to Cebu was Super Cat – a fast ferry. I was with two of my friends, one for Imperial Palace Resort, and one for Marco Polo. The ride took only less than three hours. We arrived at around 4PM. We made our way past the roaring roads of Cebu with the never-ending traffic, and went to SM to wait for the confirmation of our accommodations. We roamed around SM, glancing at stores once in a while. We parted when the text message confirmed where we were staying.


The place was called Pari-an Pension House. We stayed for two nights. There were eight of us total in one room. Six were for Marco Polo, and two were for Waterfront. We stayed under one roof to save money. Conversations after conversations followed. Not a single minute went by in silence. My roommates were so much fun, making me laugh non-stop, causing my tummy to ache. My cheeks were sore, but it didn’t matter. Being with them made it all worth it.


The next day, six of us readied ourselves for Marco Polo’s dreaded interview. We kept discouraging ourselves, which didn’t really help, and was actually counterproductive. But it was something we were used to doing (A LOT) when we were nervous. I minimized my discouragements, and kept it to myself. They didn’t need to hear random rants from my mouth. The squabbles went on until we were at Marco Polo.



Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu situated at an altitude of 600 feet at the prestigious Nivel Hills provides panoramic views of the tropical city of Cebu. Easily reachable within 25 minutes from the Mactan International Airport by van or car, the Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu with its perfect balance of central location, tangible comforts and personalized service acts as an ideal base for business, shopping or sightseeing.


Cebu City’s only 5-star hotel, the Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu hosts 329 spacious and comfortable guest rooms and suites. Every room provides internet access among other amenities. Guests seeking privacy will enjoy the Continental Club rooms which come with privileges like private check-in and check-out and complimentary all-day refreshments and evening cocktails.


The Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu is also home to some of the finest restaurants of Cebu City, each unique in flavour and ambience. The cuisines served in these restaurants comprise Mediterranean, South-East Asian, Western and Filipino. Guests can even relax in the Lobby Lounge where they can relish the signature Flambe as they sip their favorite drink.


Busy business executives can send that urgent fax from their business centre or moms can get that new hairdo at their salon while the children are busy playing in the playroom nearby. Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu provides these and many other facilities to keep boredom at bay.


Marco sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, too bad, ’cause I failed the interview. Yes, I consider it a failure. The interview, I mean, not me. If you consider me a failure, though, then be my guest.


There were eight of us in total, with the last two of my friends appearing at the last minute. All eight of us were interviewed as a group, which made our answers very much public. The HR personnel informed us that only four of us were to be accepted and gain access to Marco Polo Plaza as a Practicum student. The other four are to find another hotel.


We left Marco Polo Plaza as soon as the interview finished. That’s when the HR personnel started calling. Each time a person was called, my anxiety grew more. By the time we were back at our temporary abode, three were were already called. I Am Number Four. I’m next in line. LOL! 😀 Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to type it. But seriously, I kept hoping that I was the fourth student, until I realized that only three were approved. Dusk segued to dawn, and my chances of being called shrank down to zero. It was over.


I wasn’t that bummed out. In fact, I felt absolutely no negative emotion. I enjoyed myself at Cebu for three days, accepting my loss wholeheartedly. It wasn’t a complete loss. I made memories… picturesque memories. And I want to make more.



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