A Dream, a Teacher, and a Stiff Neck

Woke up with a strange tattoo. Not sure how I got it, not a dollar in my pocket, and it kinda looks just like you. Yes, you. 🙂 I’m just kiddin’. Those lyrics are from the band Hot Chelle Rae. The song is entitled Tonight Tonight. Speaking of night, last night, I had this weird dream. I don’t get to remember my dreams as much as I want to so I felt like sharing it. Maybe my thirty-year-old self in the future might find it amusing.


I suddenly found myself in a library, surrounded by shelves after shelves of books in various sizes. Situated near the exit was the Head Librarian’s desk, a newly varnished brown desk, that is. Its smell wreaked havoc among the noses of nearby students. The smell was unbearable. Student were forced to cover their noses for protection, which didn’t really make their studying time comfortable.


I was seated in front of the Head Librarian, her desk shiny and smelly. Apparently, I was engaged in some kind of conversation. I always look people in the eyes when talking with them, and so I did. What I saw was something very odd. No, it’s not a giant mole on the face, or fake teeth popping out. It was nothing like that. It was the person I was talking to herself… my Bakery Science Teacher. Or, i should use “was” since she’s now elevated herself to Head Librarian. What’s even more odd was that her personality was the total opposite. An aura of goodness and well-being emanated from her, which was totally off. Normally, she speaks with a loud voice, unconsciously increasing the volume. When she got angry, she would double the volume, and even throw stuff around like pots and pans. She was one heck of a terror teacher.


Good to know: My teacher, and yes, she’s still a teacher now, has had a change of heart and is now working on her vocal abilities. She tries to suppress her anger the second it takes over her. Her demeanor has even a slight possibility to put one at ease. That’s how much she’s changed. (Or so it seems) Dunno why she was included in my dreamworld as a Head Librarian. Maybe I’ll figure it out when the time comes. Until then, I’ll have to remind myself to never dream about her, if possible.


Upon waking up, pain surged through my neck as I tried to move it. Stiff neck. Whenever I walk, I have to slightly lower my head, which makes me walk like a zombie. That’s my prize for dreaming about my teacher. Until now, whenever I try to tilt my head to the left, it still aches.


Fact: This is my first-ever blog made with a stiff neck.


2 thoughts on “A Dream, a Teacher, and a Stiff Neck

    1. I don’t think we have those kind of people here in our place. What I did do was download a dream interpreter app. (And the Inception App, which is kinda cool btw. :))

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