Today marks the first day of December! Only 24 days to go, and it’s Christmas Day. Now, normally, I would be excited. I always am every year. But I’m not. The reason? ‘Cause I won’t be able to spend it with my family. Sure I get lots of gifts every year (that’s one of the benefits of having lots of relatives), but those don’t matter, really. What I really want is to spend Christmas with them. What’s the purpose of celebrating it without my family? Christmas will be as cold as snow, this year, and it doesn’t even snow here.


The main reason I can’t celebrate it with my family: Practicum. My course requires me to have 300 Hours of Off-Campus Hotel Practicum, Cebu being my chosen place. And I was so lucky as to pick the busiest season. Sarcasm intended. My optimism kicks-in here, making me realize that this is for the betterment ensuring my success in the near future. I was able to endure four months at Virginia, U.S.A.,which is probably thousands of miles away from Philippines. I didn’t get to celebrate my little sister’s birthday, as well as mine, together like we usually do. But I was able to endure it, so why can’t I do the same for Christmas? 


I’ve made up my mind. Instead of moping like a kid (which I totally am), I’ll try to face the loneliness with a nice big grin. My family wouldn’t want me to be crying on Christmas. It’s a festive holiday, celebrated by giving (and receiving), and sharing smiles. Definitely no space for negative emotions.


So far, I’ve finished packing my stuff. I’ll be having my Practicum at Crown Regency for at least three months. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends there. I won’t deny that I’m excited… ’cause I am! 😀


Note: When I was typing, I unconsciously typed betterment.When I searched for the meaning, it talked about tenants and stuff, so I had to change it.


2 thoughts on “Endure

  1. Aw Rommel, doggone it! They will be missing you too. Can you oovoo or facetime or do something similar with them? I hope so. Like you say, you it’s for your future and maybe once you get there and meet new people, they will be in the same boat as you missing their families, and you all can cry in your beer together! And party too! Sending happy thoughts your way my friend. Margie

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