December 29, 2011.

Last night, I just finished my long blog about a certain employee at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers – where I’m having my practicum – who I look up to, but I accidentally deleted it today. I cannot even begin to describe my frustration. And to think, I just woke up. What a way to start the day. Good thing though, my optimism kicked in. I can just make a new one again, I thought. It’ll be an update of the stuff here.

My practicum spans 500 hours. I’ve been assigned to four different departments: Housekeeping, SEA (Sky Experience Adventure), Kitchen, and Outlet. I just finished the Housekeeping Department this 27th. To be able to proceed to the next department, I have to visit the hotel’s institute – in-charge of all endorsements – and request an endorsement to my next department. But I want to be endorsed on the 2nd day of January next year to reward myself a few days of rest and relaxation.

150 hours were allotted for the Housekeeping Department, and those hours were über fun because:

We learned our chemicals.

Our first day of briefing included the discussion of the different chemicals used in everyday operations. Toilet bowl cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, shine-up, and plenty more to mention. While this may sound geeky, it actually plays a vital role in our daily cleaning operations. Lacking the knowledge of a certain chemical may lead to unwanted (and sometimes unremovable) spots and stains, which may then result in sudden relinquishments or forced resignation of employees. This should definitely NOT happen, under any circumstances.

Our supervisors pointed out the differences of each chemical, especially the ones similar in color. This helps prevent the misuse of various chemicals (and also unemployment).

I made tons of friends.

Being an alien in a new place isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. It just means that opportunity for meeting new people is high. Very high.

For my first few days, I was assigned as a Public Area Attendant. Public areas are the most dreaded places. One has to thread carefully if one wants to survive. People come and go non-stop, especially at the lobby – my first day assignment. Equipped with keen eyes and my initiative, I managed to survive, keeping my area clean. That day, I met Ma’am Gina, my very first regular friend, regular meaning she worked there. Coincidentally, she also got to meet some of my schoolmates from the previous batch, which helped take away the formalities and make our conversations so natural. She’s very pretty and works diligently, while mixing in a little mischievousness. It was fun working with her, but that was my first and last assignment with her. We still run to each other from time to time, exchanging smiles and do some catching up.

After my Public Area days came the rooms. My very first assignment was at the 17th Floor, with Sir Jousel as the regular Room Attendant. He taught me a lot – bed-making, dusting, cleaning the comfort room the proper way, and so much more. We had made up a lot of rooms, probably about 17 rooms, which took us all-day until the end of my shift. Actually, even after my shift (8AM – 5PM), Sir Jousel still had two late check-outs. That day was so busy.

After the first week, the succeeding days were a mix of Public Areas and Rooms, sometimes random and sometimes our choice. Every assignment rewarded me with new friends. I even made a “barkada” meaning a close circle of friends composed of three people, including me. The two are Jennifer and Marlon, respectively. Kinda like the trio movies so often use just like in Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Olympians, even the Twilight Saga, minus the good looks and popularity. Mostly, the three of us were assigned together at either public areas or rooms, tightening our bond further. We even planned on doing a little expedition here in our country. Place of choice: Bohol – where the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers are located. It’s something big, and would require a slightly high amount of money, but if given the chance, I would really grab the opportunity.

Several people composed the Housekeeping Department, including us On-The-Job Trainees, and while most spoke in Bisaya, the local language of Cebu City, others spoke in various dialects. Jennifer, part of the trio, speaks in a dialect that sounds like Spanish which really is pleasant to the ears. I like hearing her speak their dialect. We even had an exchange of words of our own dialect to let her feel our culture. While Marlon, also part of the trio, tried learning stuff like “Let’s pee.” or “Let’s defecate”, I tried learning the basics, like “I love you” and “I’m tired”. I must say, I felt like walking in their shoes, speaking (or at least trying to speak) their dialect, putting effort into engaging in a conversation with actual sense. I did, at one point. It was a short conversation, but it wasn’t nonsense. And I was so proud of myself.

Everyday was a learning experience.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, so I wont dwell deep on this. I just wanna say that learning is a continuous process. And while I learned a lot at the Housekeeping Department, I still have much to learn. I’ll just have to look forward to what tomorrow may bring. Until then… Eat. Pray. Love.


4 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. I really enjoyed this article and your writing style! Good luck on being endorsed on Jan. 2nd. Happy New Year! 🙂

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