Last January 14, I just finished my second department – SEA(Sky Experience Adventure). It’s kinda ironic, actually. We call the department “Sky” for short. But in formal letters and such, it’s addressed as “SEA”. “Sky”… “SEA”… Get it? Anyways, before I get off track, lemme blog about my previous department.

Sky was a slightly laid-back but totally fun department. It caters to guests wanting to experience unique rides and more offered by Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. The department is divided into four different floors, namely:


Located at the 18th floor of Tower 1, 4D is where guests can pick from three different 4D movies. New movies are to be added this first month of 2012, so guests are to expect new attractions and have more reasons to visit.

Two of my friends were assigned at 4D, resulting in me getting freebies. I got to watch all the movies and experience the thrill, laughter, suspense, and fun of watching 4D movies. First time I got to watch 4D was when I was still at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A. It was about Pirates, kinda like a Pirates of the Caribbean spoof. I felt the wind gushing, cold water splashing, seats vibrating and retracting, and of course, the images seemingly popping out of the screens. Cold nostalgia chilled me to the bone. I miss my American days, but I’m staying strong and enjoying every single day here at Cebu. Just as McDo’s slogan: I’m lovin’ it.

Ticketing and Souvenir Shop.

The 19th floor is where tickets and souvenirs are purchased. The tickets are then used in exchange for edited pictures of the guests. The souvenirs come in the forms of mugs, t-shirts, keychains, and much more. Wristbands are also available at this floor to be used at the 37M (37th Mezzanine) floor and 38th floor which will be described more later.

To all practicum students lucky enough to be assigned here, “boredom” was their best friend. Only a few people ever pass here. Even during peak seasons, you can count the total number of people mentally without using too much memory. Now that’s somewhere I’ll never even consider trying.


THE BEST part about SKY and the first ever in our country. I may be a bit bias here, considering the fact that I was assigned here, but I’ve seen the other three’s operations, and they fall flat compared to Skywalk. I can give a lot of reasons why, but I’ll only mention one – Skywalk guests get more interaction from us practicum students and regular staffs than the other three. From the moment the guests enter our premises, a Guest Relations Officer (GRO) entertains the guests – greeting, directing them to the reception counter, and informing them of the DOs and DON’Ts. The guests then register at the counter, renting a locker if necessary. After all the paperworks, the guests enter through the turnstile using their wristbands purchased at the Ticketing and Souvenir Shop. We provide the guests their orange jumpsuits and rubber shoes, hearing the same “Hey, we’re austronauts!” or “Time to dance!” jokes. Honestly, the jokes are getting redundant and cliché, but we got used to it anyways. Besides, some people mix in a little originality, making me laugh as well sometimes. And, to complete their outfits, a harness is then strapped in them. Once the strapping is complete, they’re off outside.

The entire walk lasts around 10 – 15 minutes. For the guests’ convenience a guide and a photographer tags along to provide information and picture-taking. After the walk, the guests place the harness, jumpsuits, and rubber shoes in the containers provided. The guests proceed to the counter to view their pictures and claim their free certificates proving that they survived the walk. We bid the guests goodbye and thank them once all transactions are completed.

Edge Coaster.

Just like the Skywalk, the Edge Coaster is the first of its kind in our country. I forgot when it officially started its operations, but it was before the 80’s. It’s a three-minute roller coaster ride at the edge of Crown Regency Tower 1, circling the entire tower. For a little adrenaline rush, the guests have the option to tilt the coaster to a maximum of fifty-five degrees, rewarding them with a picturesque view of the entire city right on their seats. Now that’s a treat.


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