Operation: Big Bang

What do tourists usually do at a place they’ve never been to?


Plunge into the culture and lifestyle of the locals. Indulge in the delicacies and food unique to the place. And that’s what I did (or keep doing, whichever works). Last January 29, with sun-scorched faces and grumbling bellies set to loud mode, I, together with two of my co-practicum students (Desiree and Jaja) dined at this Cebu-only restaurant named Casa Verde. Verde means green. Casa, on the other hand, is a word I do not know. I have this Merriam-Webster Dictionary app, and it gave this definition:


chiefly Southwest: dwelling

With this, Casa probably means a house of some sort. Casa Verde… A green house? A greenhouse? Anyways, since we’ve already (slightly) deciphered its meaning, let’s get down to business. Casa Verde is a restaurant located a few walks away from Crown Regency where I’m having my practicum. The moment we arrived, green foliage greeted us. Plants were displayed in an organized manner. Vines intertwined almost everywhere, creating a greenhouse-like effect. Brilliance was all around. We had our pictures taken with the logo via my Sony DSC-W570. I will be uploading my pictures on Facebook very soon.


After the picture-taking, we proceeded inside, where a lady in a black suit and black skirt, with black stockings – the receptionist – entertained us. She asked, “A table for three?” and we replied in unison, “Yes.” She directed us to two tables joined together, having exactly three chairs, which was weird. Usually, no matter what the number of people is, there should always be four chairs for two joined tables. We ignored it and sat down to order. Me and Desiree sat next to each other. Jaja sat across Desiree. Two sets of menu were already placed on the table, so we commenced “Operation: Big Bang.” We ordered one giant burger good for four people. The name of the burger: The Big Bang. I ordered a chocolate milkshake for my drink. Jaja ordered a strawberry milkshake, and Desiree ordered a Sprite in a can. Our order took probably around ten to twenty minutes. The wait was killin’ Jaja and Desiree, and I kept saying “Patience is a virtue”. Finally, when our order came, Desiree and I were shocked to see such an oversized burger. I only see burgers like it on T.V. Jaja already knew how big it is since she’s already eaten at Casa Verde a few times. It was on a brown rectangular slab of wood, a thin white sheet of paper placed in between. French fries were positioned beside the burger. Then… WE ATE! The burger was divided by Jaja into three unequal parts, mine being the biggest. The other guests kept staring at our awesomeness awesome humongous burger. We even joked that it was Jaja’s birthday. As a result, most of the guests sang a Happy Birthday song for her. She kept saying that it wasn’t, which was true, but the guests probably thought she just didn’t want it to be public. The guests sang, regardless of her words, and Desiree and I kept laughing so hard that we were on the verge of tears. It was so fun. Man, were we full afterwards. That was THE BIGGEST slice of burger I ever ate. I even kept slurping my chocolate milkshake noisily. The guests didn’t mind. I’d like to visit Casa Verde one more time, probably before I pack up and go home. I’m getting psyched up just thinking about it. Can’t wait! >_< 😀


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