Song Hits

For the third Sunday of February, I thought of trying something different… and I did. Or should I say “we” did.

I’m currently on my last department for my practicum – Outlet (Food and Beverage Service). I was assigned at Sparkz (Fine Dining) located at the 37th Floor of Crown Regency Tower 2. My shift starts at 1PM and ends at 10:30PM. I started on the 6th of February. My first day was memorable because a total of three earthquakes occurred, the first having a 6.9 intensity, casting major panic that spread through the entire city like a plague. A Tsunami Alert Level 2 was announced that day by those people who specialize in the field, resulting in people desperately trying to get to higher grounds. I was at Crown Regency Tower 2, 37th Floor, gazing down at the heavy traffic. An announcement was made by our General Manager, informing OJTs to leave the premises and go home for our own safety. But I didn’t go home just yet. It was my first day. I didn’t let a feeble earthquake ruin my first day. I stayed, of course after the Captain Waiter gave us permission. There were only five OJTs that day, but we were able to pull through. The other four was Marlon (my classmate), Reggie (a friend I made during Housekeeping), Byron (a friend I made that day), and Julius (the zombie dude I pass by when I needed to pass by the hotel’s commissary). I made two friends that day, learned the operation of Sparkz, withstood three earthquakes, and went home with a smile.

Now, after being at Sparkz for almost three weeks, I’ve gained more friends and experience, forming yet another group of people composed of six people, three of whom are my classmates – Marlon, Jonalyn, and Jobelyn. The other two are Gab (a friend from the SEA… department) and Julius. Yes, the zombie dude. Apparently, as the days went by, he became less and less than the lifeless individual I thought he was. He’s actually kinda like a male version of my friend Jonalyn, a natural humorist who can retain a straightforward face. Unsurprisingly, both of them get along quite nicely. They’re usually the source of laughter, an excellent addition to the group.

This is the part where I make sense of the first paragraph. But I couldn’t find the words to start it. Looking up the ceiling doesn’t really help either. Anyways, without further ado…

I decided that I wanted to do something different – do Karaoke. It took a few days of procrastinating, no shock there, but my plan eventually came to fruition on February 19, the third sunday of Feb.

After our shift ended, we clocked out, pulled out our tucked-in white long sleeves from our black slacks, removed our neck-choking bow ties (both applying only to boys, of course), and braced ourselves for a night of singing our hearts out. Venue: Song Hits at One Mango Avenue. A waiting list slapped us right in our faces, but we payed no attention. We waited outside patiently, deciding on how long we would stay and how much beer we would consume. I personally disagreed on the alcohol ’cause I don’t drink, but hey, no use ruining the night for them. Ten minutes passed. Only three more groups and it would be our turn. I decided on passing by the time by inquiring about their rooms with Kinect. When I was still at Virginia, U.S.A., I was curious as to how Kinect for the Xbox 360 works. I wanted to try it, but the only way to do that was either I buy one or find someone who had it. I failed to do both, so I let it slip. Now that I had a chance, I went for it.

Song Hits is divided into four types of rooms – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond – in an ascending order based on the prices. The rates differ depending on the days. Weekdays have cheaper rates while weekends spell more C-A-S-H. Only one Gold room and three Platinum rooms have Kinect. Vey limited. That day, the Gold room with the Kinect was occupied and was set to open time. The Platinum room was a bit expensive for us, even if it has a weekday rate. I went back to my chair, setting a mental date of my next visit to play Kinect.

A girl in an orange polo shirt with a Song Hits logo came to our table, informing us that a room was already available and asking for a valid ID and a contact number. I wrote my contact number, handed over Jobelyn’s ID, and rushed to our room like a kid about to rush to the ice cream truck.

Silver room number five was our room. It was relatively small, but was okay for our group. A large flat screen TV was on the wall, above a set of machines for singing. There were three red couches, two square tables connecting it. Two microphones were present above a yellow round table in the center of the room. A disco ball revolved above our heads, except it was broken and no lights came out, making it seem as though a small simple black ball just kept circling. The remote was handed to us by another staff, teaching us how to operate the karaoke machine. We wasted no time and hurriedly queued a couple of songs accompanied by a side order of five 500mL Red Horse drinks.


Non-stop singing. Alcohol filling our tummies. Laughter resonating. Time flew by so fast. Before we knew it, our time was up. None of us got drunk, but everyone felt like they were on cloud nine. We bid each other goodbye, and went our separate ways. I had to take a taxi on the way home because it was taking forever to wait for a jeepney. I slept soundly as if I was deprived of sleep for weeks. I wonder if I snored.


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