Wake-up Call

Dusk was falling rapidly. I find myself in a quaint little café with absolutely no guests. Am I here to dine? I thought. The lights are a bit dim, as if it wasn’t cleaned or replaced for ages. The counter is also empty, a locked cash register on a table filling its space. A door to the right of the counter is partially open. I stride and eagerly open the door. BOOM! A nuclear explosion occurs right before my very eyes, wiping half the population of Earth. (Couldn’t resist.) Chocolate and candies in different counters. The storage room. Chocolates are my favorite. And with a vast array of it, I succumb to temptation. My hands grabbed everything it could grab, opened the wrappers, and started feeding myself.

One minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes. I kept eating, losing track of time. A buffet in a storage room. No security cameras. No one would ever know. I would never get caught. My heart insisted to go on… but my brain thought otherwise. This has to be wrong. That’s when it dawned to me.

This is a dream.

The scene shifted into my boarding house. I slowly open my eyes. It was a dream. A familiar surrounding greets me, making me feel secure. Phew.

That dream… Was it a wake-up call? I’ve always been eating way too much chocolates everyday. Maybe I should start reducing my sugar intake. Now’s a good time to start.

Live healthy. Be healthy.


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