Outfit Issues

Our school’s annual Seniors’Ball is fast approaching. As a college senior, I am faced with a huge dilemma:

What to wear.

I’ve never attended a Seniors’ Ball since we never had one during my High School Years, unlike other schools. Now that I’m in my last year of college, I finally get to witness and be part of one.

I tried searching the net for some advice and suggestions on what I could wear. It didn’t get me anywhere, though. I did get a quick two-minute lesson about the different types of tuxedos, which helped like 0.00%. Perfect. Perfect zero, that is.

To assist me with my outfit issues, I asked my high school friend, Mary Joy. We went to stores like Memo, Penshoppe, Oxygen, and Folded and Hung. (She was do convinced that it was calledFolded and Hang. I kept telling her it wasWhile window shopping, Mary Joy visualized what I should wear: a black coat on top of a bright-colored V-neck, a pair of black denims, and leather shoes. I swear, I have absolutely no fashion sense for formal events. I’m usually satisfied with a regular t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers.

We prioritized searching for the V-neck and denims since I already have a coat back home. The last store we visited was Folded and Hung. We scanned through their merchandise and found what we were looking for. Yellow was the color we decided on the V-neck. Cool, bright, and screams “I’m a Senior”. The pair of denims were the black shiny one, which I totally dig. We would both come back the next day and purchase the said items.

By the way, our Seniors’ Ball is on the 23rd of March. It’ll be held at our university gym, starting probably at
around six or seven in the evening.

Looking forward to how I’m gonna look like, and how the ball will turn out.


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