Outfit Complete

Phew! After spending around 3 hours in the mall, I finally found what to wear for my upper half. Instead of the yellow V-neck me and my friend decided, we changed the color to Blue. We bought it from Oxygen. That store has way too high prices for their merchandise. We couldn’t find a decent Yellow V-neck, so we had to improvise. Blue isn’t such a bad color. It’s cool, fresh, and calm. I wouldn’t mind wearing it for our Senior’s Ball.

Before purchasing the shirt though, we first went to Folded and Hung. We found the pair of denims in no time. It was still where we left it. I tried it on together with my coat in the Fitting room. Yes, I brought my coat. It looked nice together. I spared no time and immediately purchased it.

The search resulted in us getting hungry. Choices: KFC or Jollibee? But we were too hungry to argue with each other, so we went to Jollibee. Luckily, four seats were vacated upon our arrival. Good thing because there were lots of people. My friend occupied the seats and I made the order. She went for the Burger-Fries-Coke combo while I ordered Lumpia Shanghai. I was craving for their new Sundae Mix-ins: Milo Blast, but sadly, desserts were unavailable, which is unacceptable, considering the fact that Desserts were unavailable since Sunday. That’s three days of dessert-less meals. I had no choice but to accept it, though.

After the meal, we thought of what type of haircut I should get. We scanned through the customers and found a few choices. The downside, I could never describe it to the barbers no matter how much of a photographic memory I have. The barber stores here in our place don’t really offer choices for male haircuts, which is why we’re only stuck with the haircuts we’re familiar of. It doesn’t matter anyways. All I want is a clean cut. How I the barbers interprets it is totally up to them. I’m looking forward to how I’m gonna look like – my hair and my outfit. Here’s to hoping I look decent for our Senior’s Ball. Fingers crossed!



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