Lucky 13 @ Uncle Sam

After moving the date for the third consecutive day, Lucky 13’s dinner date finally happened this day, with one condition:

Only eight of us were able to attend.

Roll call: Daphne, Domna, Jea, Darryl, Kevin, Jessa, Ad, and ME! 😀


Our venue was Uncle Sam, an American-themed two-story restaurant, fit for a bunch from U.S.A. For some reason, I kept adding “s” in the name (Uncle Sam’s), making it possessive. Anyways, we picked a table by the corner, where photos of America-related stuff were framed and neatly arranged. Only a few people were dining when we got there.

The staff gave us the menu after each of us were seated. Looking at what they have to offer made me so nostalgic. It seemed as though yesterday, we were still in America, laughing, working, and partying our hearts out. Fun memories, all of them.




I ordered a Philly Steak Sandwich, an leveled it up for more fries and an iced tea. I love Philly Steak. Some ordered pasta, some ordered burgers, and some even ordered a whole meal worth of food. While we waited, we talked about our experiences in the U.S.A. We dug through our memory archives and shared a carefree and fun conversation with everyone. Our order came up while we were immersed in our own nostalgia. The conversation never stopped. There were always something to share or point out. Even after our food was depleted. We took pictures every once in a while, camera courtesy of Daphne.

The whole time I was there with their company can be described in two short words: Pure Bliss.


I’m hoping for another one, with the group complete.


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