Seniors’ Ball


Last Friday was our long awaited Seniors’ Ball. It was held at our university’s gym. It consisted of two parts: Awarding (in the morning) and The Seniors’ Ball (in the evening).


The program started early, around 8 in the morning. First on the program was the Baccalaureate mass. It was the first time I hard the word, so I had to search for its meaning.


From Wikipedia:

baccalaureate service (or, baccalaureate mass in the case of institutions affiliated with the Catholic Church and its orders)is a celebration which honors a graduating senior class from a college or high school.


I arrived at our university at around 9AM. Just as I was making my way to the gym, the Seniors were making their way to the cafeteria. The mass was over.  My timing was as impeccable as always. Too bad. Even being sarcastic doesn’t make up for it. We were supposed to wear our toga for the mass. I so wanted to try on my toga along with the rest of the people. I guess I’ll just have to set it aside until our Graduation Day.


The awarding ceremony, which was after the mass, started at around 10AM. Lots of my friends have awards, and I was there to support them all the way through. Too bad I wasn’t able to get my award.  Outstanding Service and Cooperation Award – the award I was supposed to have. And I could have got it if it wasn’t for the Application Process needed. I mean, why does a student have to apply for his award? Why can’t it be awarded to him without getting it processed and stuff. I have two reasons as to why I couldn’t apply for it. First, I was at Cebu City having my Practicum. Second, I wasn’t aware that I had an award. If I knew, I probably would’ve come home and apply for it. But it doesn’t matter much now. I’ve moved on. No need to stress over it. I guess I should be happy that I was even nominated for the award. I learned to always see the positive in everything. This is no exception.


Three of my classmates had awards. As part of the third section of B.S.H.R.M., I cheered and applauded as hard as I could every time they set foot on stage. Of course, I did the same for my other friends. I couldn’t take pictures, but there were official photographers hired. They did the capturing for us. After all of my friends received their awards, I slipped out of the gym, together with two of my friends. We were informed that we couldn’t leave until the ceremony was over. But the more people went on the stage, the more boring it became. Excuses. Luckily, we were able to leave without getting caught. We were cooped up. Fresh air never tasted so good. Besides, I had to prepare for the Seniors’ Ball in the evening.


I got my very first haircut for the year that day. Yippee! My hair was getting kinda long. And it was very hot, considering the climate here in the Philippines.


I took a nap minutes before 6PM. I figured I needed it because I get sleepy easily. When I woke up, I bathed, changed in to my outfit, styled my hair, wore perfume, and smirked at the mirror. I wore a blue T-shirt topped by a black coat, black skinny denims, and black leather shoes. For my accessories, I wore a silver necklace, a stainless ring, and a strap-on watch. Ready was my middle name.


As usual, I arrived late. The prayer was over, and everybody was done eating. I sat with a few friends who were near the entrance, for convenience. Good thing that one of them haven’t eaten yet. I escorted her to the buffet table. There were only a few choices for food, so I tried a bit of each. After the meal, I transferred to my classmates’ table, and did a little catching up. I haven’t seen some of them in three months. That’s a long time.


After the dinner came the presentations/intermission numbers of the different Organizations of the university. The first presentation was from the Special Educators’ League (with the acronym SPEL). It was a role-play with a school setting, portraying the lives of students during their college years. I didn’t watch it much, so I didn’t get the story. The second was from an organization I don’t know. They did a dance number, making use of the song “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5. The third was from the Tourism Circle. Their number was brilliant and very entertaining. They did a musical about a pair of tourists experiencing Philippine culture. The pair would witness stewardesses teaching them airplane instructions, ask for directions, stay in a hotel, be entertained by Filipino employees, and dance for the finale. The fourth, I didn’t get to see. The fifth was another role-play by Bachelor of Arts in Communications Students. It was a story of a girl and her many employment opportunities. There were so many that she couldn’t choose one. In the end, it was revealed that she was a High Schooler graduating, and that life after college was years from now. Comedy was their genre. And it gave me lots of reasons to laugh out loud. Finally, to end the program, was a Disco Party. We danced our hearts out, taking pictures with all of our friends from different sections and courses.








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