Money, Determination, and Laptops

Last night, my little sister, Trixia, threw yet another tantrum over an adult matter. She wanted cash from me. What’s even worse: She needs it to buy a laptop. I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, little 11-year old girls were satisfied with toys and pet rabbits. This attitude of hers all started last Sunday, our Family Day, when we visited our local Robinson’s Mall and passed by a computer store with very alluring “Graduate Sale” posts right before goin’ home. Curse those posts and their alluring nature.


Ever since my Toshiba laptop got lost was stolen, I’ve always longed to have another one in my possession. But I never lost hope that one day, it would be returned to me. Even until today. And because of this longing, I checked the computer store for Toshiba laptops and their respective prices. The store had only a few kinds of Toshiba laptops. Most were Acer and HP. I love Toshiba so I’m sticking with it. The prices weren’t too bad. But my little sister was. The moment she stepped foot in the store, and discovered that payments can be done monthly, with a specific down payment, she insisted that I get her one. And she never stopped bugging me until we got home.

Statistically speaking, it was impossible to get her one within a moment’s notice. Even I haven’t bought one yet for myself. And she’s eleven. What would she need a laptop for, anyways? One thing I admire about her is her determination. She never gives up. Too bad she uses it for the wrong cause.

With my little sister’s strong will, she devised a system that she deemed necessary to achieve her goal. She would ask fifty pesos (around 1 US dollar) every single day until she gets close to twenty thousand pesos (around 500 US dollars), which would take her forever.

Because my little sister didn’t get what she wanted from me, she threw a tantrum and distanced herself from me, ignoring and giving me harsh looks. She even slept in mom’s room instead of sleeping in our room like what she always does. I don’t want her to grow up spoiled, so I don’t always give her what she wants, especially if it involves money. Nobody wants a spoiled brat.

This morning, when I woke up and went to her, it was as if nothing happened last night. We were giggling and tickling each other. She remembers wanting to buy a laptop, but she probably realized being a brat will get her nothing. Also, to help her, I agreed to give her money if she earns it. The moment I told her that, she started hugging and kissing me, her eyes curious if it earned her any amount. To burst her bubble, I said, “Start earning it the right way :)”.

Let’s see how she earns it.


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