One Chapter Closes, Another One Opens

Today is one momentous event. Reason? Because today, I GRADUATED! Woohoo! After rendering four years to Leyte Normal University – my dear Alma Mater – I finally get to toss my cap with a huge smile.


The commencement exercises started at 1PM. I, together with my mom and little sister, arrived at our university at 12:12PM. As soon as we found a bench, I wore my toga, a medal, a ribbon indicating that I’m a graduate, and my cap with a red tassel (for Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management students). At 12:30PM, I was all set to go, and my companions were too. I gave them instructions as to where they would be seated, after which, I lined up with the rest of my fellow students.

It was so hot outside, and waiting for the line to move took forever. Had a little conversation with my friends while waiting. Slowly, but surely, the line moved, until we reached HRDC Gym, the venue for our Graduation. There were video cameras everywhere, ensuring that footage would be excellent. A red carpet was set for us to feel like stars coming out of a limo.

We walked onto our designated chairs in pairs. I was paired with a girl Im not acquainted with. When we neared our chairs, we went on opposite directions. I took a left, and she took a right. After the students came the deans, VPs, board of regents, faculty, staff, and our dear President, Dr. Evelyn C. Cruzada, along with the “Colors”, which signaled us to face front when they passed by. Everything was choreographed to look good.

We sat after everyone walked the red carpet. Speeches then followed. I tried my best not to fall asleep. Try as I may, I couldn’t fight it. Luckily, I didn’t fall completely asleep. I was, what some would call, half-asleep. Speeches always make me drowsy, for some reason. Then, it was time for us to be called on stage.

When my name was called, I took little strides to the stage. Our president congratulated me, and I thanked her with the biggest smile I could do. I shook hands with her, accepted my diploma holder, and had my photo taken by the photographers. I just hope that I wasn’t holdin’ it upside down, ’cause that would have been totally embarrassing. Some actually did it, accidentally. Probably out I nervousness. Standing on stage in front of thousands of people staring at you is enough to paralyze. I didn’t mind them, though. I try to fight my stage fright whenever I have the chance. Then, it was the part when we move our tassel from the left to the right, with a teacher proclaiming us Graduates of 2012. A huge round of applause resonated in the entire gym. I can feel their happiness with their claps. I wanted to toss my cap, but it wasn’t allowed, so I did it outside.

The program/exercises ended with one final song – Win by Brian McKnight. I love that song, and it fit the occasion perfectly. We sang unanimously. I expected tears to flow from my fellow graduates’ eyes, but alas, I saw none. I, myself, wasn’t on the verge of tears. I didn’t even think of crying.

Thousands of pictures were taken afterwards. I got a few myself, along with my co-graduates. I mostly used my DigiCam to take the pictures, but I got one here in my iPod. I bid my co-graduates goodbye, hoping that I would still get to see them from time to time.

Thus, ends my blog about my graduation. I may have closed one chapter of my life, but I’m opening another chapter. One that’s sure to be filled with just as much memories.

Congratulations, GRADUATES of 2012. Hats Up!


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