Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

For the last day of our stay at International Housing Village, Williamsburg, VA, my room mate – Ad Abella (the big guy on the left) – arranged and prepared breakfast for his two Room 148 room mates – Darryl Monge (wearing a red and black checkered polo) and Me (wearing a white shirt). It was rare because Ad hardly ever did anything.


Define Lazy.


Define Ad.


They have the same meaning.


That’s why we were surprised of his gesture. He cooked some of our canned goods, meat, and rice. Drinks were also included. He even went out of his way and woke up early so as to surprise us. Trust me, we were surprised. And I mean that in a good way. It was touching, really. His gesture meant something like: “I’m gonna miss you guys. This’ll be our last breakfast together at Room 147. Dig in!”


By the time we were done, we were super full. Ad took a photo as a souvenir.


We cleaned our room one last time, packed our bags, and went our separate ways.


Ad went to North Carolina.


Darryl went to Hawaii.


And as for me, I was bound for Virginia Beach.


We may have been miles away, but we are still Room 148’s boys, and the fun memories the three of us share, will be forever engraved in us.


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