Summer Class: Badminton


Classes are finally over, here in our place. For me, no more classes. I’m off to finding jobs. But or my little sister, Trixia, she still has a long way to go.


For this summer, Trixia decided to take summer classes. She had a wide array of choices, but she narrowed it down to two: Taekwondo and Badminton.


Trixia already tried Taekwondo before. It was two or three years ago. She enrolled together with our cousin Karlo. They wore those white uniforms with belts in different colors determining their ranks. They had fun with the classes, though I can’t describe it in detail since I was a bit busy during those times. They told me stories, like sparring with each other and making friends. I was a bit hesitant at first, but as the days went by, I supported her. Things were actually looking great that time, until our cousin had to pull out. The reason: he lost interest. Karlo probably enrolled because he had nothing better to do. My little sister probably thought the same because she pulled out as well. Her reason: Karlo pulled out. Oh well. I guess it was okay. She did learn a few things.

Now, she has the choice again. And a classmate of hers was willing to enroll with her. I was okay with it. I didn’t try to stop her whatsoever. But history keeps repeating itself. Trixia’s classmate, forgot her name, decided that she wasn’t enrolling. Her parents had conflicting ideas. One wanted to let her enroll in Taekwondo, the other wanted to enroll her in piano lessons. Ultimately, the idea of piano lessons prevailed. It was more appropriate for little girls. My little sister had no choice but to take badminton lessons. And she did.


Now, we’re here at Badminton Republic where my little sister has just commenced training. The training actually started yesterday, so she’s a day late. She has to make up for lost time. But she’s not pressured or anything, and the coaches are seeing to it that she gets to have fun and be trained at the same time.


The summer class will last for the whole month. Two hours a day (morning). Five days a week. Trixia has the choice to pump it up and do mornings and afternoons, six days a week. But that is solely up to her. I think the first is a better choice, though.


The coaches are from Manila, and they’re well-known. But they fly here every year to train little kids. This coming September, they will be on their third consecutive year. The word “Escoses” is printed on their t-shirts. That’s probably the name of their team. It has a nice ring to it. Escoses. Wonder what it means. I’ll remember to ask one of the coaches if I get the chance.


One thought on “Summer Class: Badminton

  1. It’s great to be among people you share a lot of laughter and joy. Fun and happy photos. Brought back memories when I was in school which is by the way so “ancient”, ha, ha, ha. Stay cool!

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