Grand Slam!

What I thought would be a boring afternoon turned out to be quite the opposite.


Nowadays, my daily routine consists of: taking my little sister to Badminton Republic, waiting for two hours until she’s done, eating lunch (usually at fastfood restaurants), and going home and spending the rest of the day on the internet looking for jobs and tips.


At around 1PM, I surfed the net, as usual. I always bring with me my phone when surfing the net, even IF I have zero balance. I never know when something important might come up.


I found mostly Call Center-related jobs, which is probably trending ’cause there were hundreds of openings. But I won’t consider that kind of a job. I want a job related to my degree (Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management). I also found a few Front Office positions, but I just didn’t qualify. It was either they needed a female, or they needed someone 21 years of age or above. Good thing that my birthday’s coming up in a few months. Maybe then, I would qualify. As I was browsing for more, my phone beeped, indicating a text message. It was from an unknown number, so I was reluctant to open it. I opened it anyways. The sender was informing me of a semi-reunion with my high school classmates. Another text indicated that the message was sent only to those classmates that the sender had numbers of. In short, the number of people attending was very low. And, the fact that it was out of the blue didn’t exactly help increase the number.


I planned on passing. But, I hardly ever get to see my high school friends. And this would be the perfect opportunity. I changed my mind and decided to go. Of course, I had to find out who the sender was, so I texted him/her. I found out that it was Lorie Fiel, my friend who went to school in Cebu, which is also where I had my On-the-Job Training. I didn’t get to meet him there, though. After a quick text and change of clothes, I set forth. We were to rendezvous at Divine Word Hospital, new building, Room 201.


As I was on my way, I pondered on the thought of meeting up in a hospital. Was he sick? Was he admitted? I never texted him to ask why. I figured I’d find out when I get there.


I got off at the waiting shed. I spotted Mary Joy waiting. We went inside together. A BS Nursing Graduate is better to be with in a hospital. Plus, she knows the way there. I, on the other hand, had no idea. Before entering the building, we came across three of our high school friends – Kryz, Steven, and Lorie Fiel. We didn’t waste time and hastily went to the new building, second floor. Frankly, I don’t know why they call it “new building”. There’s a newer building constructed on the opposite side.


A few feet before Room 201, I asked why we rendezvoused in a hospital. The answer: Steven’s daughter, Chryssanthia (dunno if I spelled it right), was admitted. I asked out loud, “When did she check in?” A burst of laughter filled the room. Everyone laughed, and I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I searched for reasons. I tried looking at their faces, digging for answers. Finally, Mary Joy said, “The term you’re looking for is admit. Not check-in.” Followed by a little laugh. I guess  being a BS Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate kinda kicked in. That made me wonder what term they use when they get to leave the hospital. They informed me that it was called discharge or  release. Speaking of leaving, we couldn’t stay there forever. That’s why Lorie decided on dining together. He had a 6PM ticket, bound to Cebu. He only had a couple of hours left to hang-out with us before leaving.

Majority decided on Shakey’s as our place to eat. Our means of transportation were tricycles, for convenience. We arrived in just a few minutes. There were only a few customers. Seats were mostly vacant. We picked a table at the far end, near the slide. There were only five of us during that time. We were still waiting for the others to come. The waiter decided to give us the menus while we waited for our companions.


Hannah, one of my high school friends, arrived a few minutes later. She brought with her a toga, a graduation cap, and paper work for graduation. We made use of it and took pictures.

We even added eye gears to make it even more fun.

It was getting late, and our tummies were demanding food, so we started looking at the menu and ordered. It took us time, but we unanimously agreed to order the Grand Slam. An 18-inch pizza with four different toppings, and a pitcher of Coke. We tried catching up with each other, but it was hard as Steven kept cracking jokes. I was laughing most of the time.


When our order came, I was astonished. It was ages ago since I ordered an 18-inch pizza. It was definitely huge, I give you that. And scrumptious!

While taking turns taking a slice off the Grand Slam pizza, Faivy joined the group. She was still in her Black Scrub Suit as she just finished her duty at Bethany Hospital.

Unfortunately, Faivy was the last person to join us. Gisella, also my high school classmate and my cousin, was at the church because it was her birthday. Happy birthday, Ges! 😀 The others were simply occupied with important stuff. We all understood. Too bad. But it was still one heck of a dinner. Full of laughter, fun, and enjoyment for everyone.


4 thoughts on “Grand Slam!

  1. The Pizza looks delicious. I believe you’ll find the right job that you seek soon. For now enjoy the company of your friends and family. Celebrate your youth…these are the best time to make unforgettable memories…

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