There are as many Wishes as the number of Stars

Hello, Month of May! For the first and second days of May, I was on a quest for independence and career opportunities. Sadly, there were no available monsters to slay and save the world, but it was one heck of an adventure chock-full of on-the-spot moments and social interactions.


I kinda made it a hobby to search for jobs in the net nowadays. I have seen countless ads filling the monitor, literally. What I dislike the most are BPO ads (I have no idea what the acronym means) specifically hiring anyone, and I mean ANYONE, to start immediately, highlighting the number of positions available and salary. Most numbers reach upto 800, with salaries ranging from Php 15K to Php 25K (around $375 to $625) per month. And, they advertise almost everyday. Filtering doesn’t even help. Hoax or not, they should really reduce the number of ads they post, or maybe lower the number so people would actually take the bait. Anyways, before I go blabbing more about those ads and get carried away, I want to point out the ad that actually mailed me for an interview. It was from a Recruitment Firm. I specifically applied for the position of Service Crew – Food Attendant on April 28, 2012. Two days after, the details of the interview were sent. It was scheduled on the 2nd of May, 8AM, at Novaliches, Quezon City. Time was not on my side, as I only had a day to prepare. I had to be there on May 1 to prepare myself and familiarize the place. Luckily, Mom agreed for me to travel to somewhere far out of the blue. I packed my bag, asked my aunt to help with the payment of my online ticket booked from Cebu Pacific Airlines, and surfed the net for nearby budget accommodations for travel convenience. I was bound to Manila Cramming has never been easy. And while I was able to accomplish my requirements for the trip on the last night of April, there was no telling what was in store for me for the first two days of May.


May 1


May 1 is labor day. And what perfect way to spend it than pursuing an opportunity to work. But if it’s Labor Day, why do we spend it by NOT working? Woke up REALLY early (past 4AM) as my flight was as early as 6:05AM. Man, I even have difficulty waking up at 9AM. Good thing my trusty alarm woke me up. I was a bit hesitant in taking a bath cause it was so cold that time. But I did anyway. When I was ready, I woke up my aunt, she took her car keys, and we were on our way to the airport a quarter past the hour of five. My aunt told me that I should have woke her up earlier. She maneuvered the car as if she was participating in an F-1 Race. I swear, that was her fastest drive. We arrived at the airport in no time.


The airport was filled with people. The check-in counters had more people than it could accommodate. Cebu Pacific’s counters were deserted, though. I figured the people arrived earlier to avoid the delay. I checked-in and lined up for the terminal fee payment, which stretched up to the entrance. I had no choice, so I cut in the line. Thankfully, the people didn’t mind. I got in and headed to the airplane. I showed my ticket, and found out I was the last person they were waiting for. Wow. A few minutes later, I was on my way to Manila.


I woke up to the sound of people talking. I arrived at Manila without noticing it. I got off at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. I exited and rode the NAIA Loop, which really had a nice ring to it. I was following instructions I got from the net that I wrote in a notepad. I got off near the MRT Station. I purchased a ticket for North Avenue, which was the last station. Before hopping in, I asked someone on the MRT if I was on the right one. He confirmed it, and got in. The doors closed, with an awful warning sound, and I was bound to North Avenue.


To be honest, I thought the trip would take longer, but it turned out to be only 10-15 minutes. I hopped off at the last station, North Avenue. I began my quest to look for my temporary abode. I did a lot of asking and searching. The scorching heat didn’t really help. I found one named Dangay Suites, but check-in time was 2PM. It was around 9AM when I got there, so I decided to look for another one. The front office clerk informed me that I could roam around SM North Edsa Mall, then come back at 2PM. I took his advise and set off. Little did both of us know that we weren’t seeing each again and do business. On the way, I found yet another one. It was North Metro Hotel Apartelle, which is conveniently located just across the mall. I decided to check-in ’cause I was so tired.


North Metro Hotel Apartelle has very convenient rates. One has the option of choosing either a 12-hour or 24-hour stay, and pay for the succeeding hours if necessary. I got Room 406, which was far from the entrance, and third to the last room in the corridor. My room was surprisingly good for a cheap price. I had TV, air-conditioning, a twin bed, cabinets with hangers, and a clean CR. Wi-Fi was only available at the lobby, so I had to chill there when I needed to connect. I immediately settled down, unpacked a few things, and rested a bit. The afternoon was when I set out and did some exploring. I familiarized my surroundings, shopped for souvenirs at SM North and asked lots of people regarding directions to various places.


Time flew by so fast. Before I knew it, the sun had already set. Stars twinkled across the moonlit sky. I whispered a wish, hoping the stars hear me. The heat was no more. The temperature gradually lowered. A gentle breeze caressed me, as if lifting me up for a better view. I gazed across the starry sky before deciding to hit the sack. It was a feast for the eyes. Truly a great way of ending the first day of May.



2 thoughts on “There are as many Wishes as the number of Stars

  1. Wishes do come true. They may be few and takes time to happen but they do come true. Keep seeking the job you will enjoy and grow. Be careful with false ads. So many of them. I was once like you. Seeking, searching, hoping. Once I made a mistake with one company in Manila but God is good cause he took me out of a bad situation and gave me a better job. It led me to America, the rest is history. Great post!

    1. Agreed. And I will. Thanks. I know God will also help me find the right job. Of course, I have to do my part as well. Oh and I’ll be extra careful about false ads, as there are thousands of ’em. Thanks for sharing your impressions and a bit of your experiences.

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