Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Unfocused. When it comes to taking pictures, I really try to focus on the subjects. I almost automatically erase blurry or unfocused photos, as I want it to portray clear ideas and memories. I admit, blurry photos are inevitable. There are always 2 or 3 in every 20 shots I take. But sometimes, those blurry shots are also one-timers, never having a chance to take it again. For this week’s challenge, I chose my photos from the time we went to Singapore last year. Since we were exploring as a group at Universal Studios, it was hard getting enough decent pictures without the group already making their way to the next attraction.


A picture of my mom, my little sister, and me, when we first arrived at Singapore Changi Airport. I still don’t know how to pronounce it.


My relatives in front of POPS – a popcorn stand at the Hollywood part of the theme park.


A performer from the New York part of the theme park. We only had a few minutes to enjoy this part as we were running late. I was surprised to see that the performers were Filipinos, and proud of it. They made our last few minutes very memorable.


Just goes to show that not all blurry photos are rubbish. Sometimes, one just has to focus on the value of the image rather than its quality.


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